August 25th, 2009

Family Matters 11

Title: Family Matters

Author: Dark Wyldchilde (

Rating: NC-17 This is a sequel to Rebirth, and so will push limits. This is for adults ONLY.

Pairing: Buffy/Faith/Tara

Setting: With "Rebirth" I took the BTVS world in a whole new direction, this story continues in that direction.

Summary: Buffy has been turned and turned both her sister slayer Faith as well as Tara and made them both her immortal lovers, with their full consent. Turned by her sister Dawn and with the help of the soul-free Angelus Buffy is the new Master and has set up shop on the Hellmouth.

Spoilers: Bits and pieces from seasons 6&7 of Buffy and 4&5 of Angel.

Disclaimer: While this story stemmed from my objections to where they took Buffy the Vampire Slayer from season 6 on, but I can not deny the genius that first made such a wonderful show. This is in no way meant to challenge their rights, and is purely a non-profit work of fan fiction.

Wyld’s Notes: This is a DARK fic. While the rating gives an indication my main characters are NOT heroes, they will not only not be doing any good deeds they will be doing many evil ones.
lazydevil by danieldoodilzz

FF: Caught In The Act 1-7 (revised version)

 Title: Caught in the Act

Author: Lazydevil69

Pairing: Blake/Doris & Olivia/Natalia

UK 18 & DRAW & probably some cursing 

Archiving: P&P and Blis only, anyone else please ask.

Author's Note: This story assumes your knowledge of the storyline to the WoD: whom Natalia currently works for; all the rest is AU. It also assumes that they are together, together. Feedback would be lovely but no pressure, I enjoyed writing it, hope you enjoy reading it.

A/N 2: special thanks go to my favourite babydevil for the beta and words of encouragement =D

This also may feel somewhat familiar because the shorter, less serious version has already been posted but I pulled it and decided to re-write (my muse is fickle like that) and came up with a more serious version. Hope you enjoy.

(18+ please)


Fic: Home Sacrificed

Home Sacrificed
by Erin Griffin
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Pansy/? (f/f)
Summary: All I knew was that we had to keep moving, all I could feel was her hand in mine...
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story. They belong to JK Rowling, Scolastic publishing, and Warner Brothers.
Notes: As always, this one is for my friend zagury. I forgot the exact wording of your prompt, so I hope this still portrays what you wanted.

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Payback's a b1tch!

 Title: Payback’s a b1tch!
Author: addicted-mb
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairings: Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau
Ratings: M
Disclaimers: Criminal Minds is not owned by me.
Authors Notes: This is a sequel to Elevator. Please read this first to make sense of it! This was an idea by malexfaith on LJ. So it’s dedicated to you, malexfaith for the idea!
It’s a little different to the other one, but please review and let me know what you think! I was a little unsure of the ending.

Read Payback's a b1tch...
Penguin Face

Guiding Light Fic: A Certain Time and Place (Doris / Natalia)

Title: A Certain Time and Place
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Doris / Natalia
Spoilers: None. Takes place within current storyline
Disclaimer: Guiding Light belongs to someone not me
Rating: PG
Summary: Doris and Natalia find a shared connection
A/N: Ok, this is angsty and a little bizarre. It’s what happens when I can’t sleep at 4am, apparently. Don’t say i didn’t warn you...
A/N2: I'm a subscriber to the theory that Natalia's not really thinking clearly with her whole 'I'm back and everything's going to be fine, just like that' charade. You may be able to tell.

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