August 27th, 2009

Family Matters 13

Title: Family Matters

Author: Dark Wyldchilde (

Rating: NC-17 This is a sequel to Rebirth, and so will push limits. This is for adults ONLY.

Pairing: Buffy/Faith/Tara

Setting: With "Rebirth" I took the BTVS world in a whole new direction, this story continues in that direction.

Summary: Buffy has been turned and turned both her sister slayer Faith as well as Tara and made them both her immortal lovers, with their full consent. Turned by her sister Dawn and with the help of the soul-free Angelus Buffy is the new Master and has set up shop on the Hellmouth.

Spoilers: Bits and pieces from seasons 6&7 of Buffy and 4&5 of Angel.

Disclaimer: While this story stemmed from my objections to where they took Buffy the Vampire Slayer from season 6 on, but I can not deny the genius that first made such a wonderful show. This is in no way meant to challenge their rights, and is purely a non-profit work of fan fiction.

Wyld’s Notes: This is a DARK fic. While the rating gives an indication my main characters are NOT heroes, they will not only not be doing any good deeds they will be doing many evil ones.

Fic: Carly's Return to Salem

Title: Carly's Return to Salem

Short Ficlet: PG
                 Pairing: Carly Manning/Jenn Horton Days of Our Lives 
                Summary: Why would Carly return after all this time? 
                Disclaimer: I own nothing.
                Author's Note: This pairing had awesome subtext in the early 90s. Watch this clip from the 2 min mark to see for yourself: Carly and  Jenn


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Beta Request

Looking for a Beta-Reader to give a 'once over' of my Otalia fic 'This Time Around'.  My chapters tend to be around 4,000 words, give or take.  I'm pretty comfortable with my characterization, but  I need a keen eye for my typos and an all around review of my grammar, etc.  Any takers?