September 14th, 2009

XGComfort FIN

A State Of Grace (2/?)


Pairing: Gabrielle/Xena
Fandom: Xena
Rating: This part M-15. Overall, NC-18.
Summary: Set about a year-and-a-half post-finale. Gabrielle is on a journey with Xena always on her heels.
Spoliers: In particular, The Abyss, Many Happy Returns and A Friend in Need I & II, but this is post-FIN so everything is up for grabs.
A/N: Retro town is working for me. Lines in italics are thoughts/stolen from eps. And yes, the smut is on its way.
Disclaimer: If I'd owned Xena, subtext would be maintext and nudity would be rife.
Archiving: Yes to P&P. I'm open to most reposts, just drop me a line: syrensoul (at) g mail (dot) com.
POV: Perving over Gabby's shoulder.

Story at my LJ: ( Eris was smart enough to know horses were not meant to understand the language of humans. Her tongue waved valiantly in the air; they teetered, wobbled, and finally thudded back to solid ground. )
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Otalia - Finally

Title: Finally

Fandom: Otalia

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Since the stiff suits at CBS, P&G, and Telenext own them, I only get to play with them and pretend this really happened. Where’s that stabby knife/voodoo smilie thing when you need it?!

Summary: They’re finally alone and Olivia is finally home.

Spoilers: For the 9/10/09 episode

A/N: Since we’ll never actually see it, I decided to write it.

A/N2: This took much longer to write than I expected. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or bad sign. I probably thought about it too much and when I do that, the fic tends to suck. Good luck to those who can brave it.

Home was no longer a building made of bricks and wood, it was Natalia.

Fic: Home Is Where The Heart Is - Part 2 - Guiding Light

Title: Home Is Where the Heart Is - Part 2

Disclaimer: Guiding Light and its characters are the property of Proctor and Gamble. No infringement intended.

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating:  PG

Words:  851- part one

Words: 1315 – part two

Spoilers: Up to and including September 10, 2009.  

AN: Thursday’s episode was wonderful and I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want it to end.

Shameless Plug: Please join us for the continuing adventures of Olivia and Natalia in Calidornia Dreamin’ – the Otalia Virtual Season starting on November 1. Springfield will never be the same!

Part One

Part Two

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Title:  How I Quit
Fandom:  Original Fiction
Pairing:  Original Characters
Rating:  PG13

In the days of disco, typewriters, and 8 track tapes, I fell in love.


The object of my affection was a middle aged, raven haired, Scottish amazon who had reached the pinnacle of her career playing a villain on a TV western.  She was 24 years older than me, and I would never have given her a second glance had it not been for cigarettes.

In 1977 I was working wardrobe on a television show.  It was pretty ironic considering the fact that I could barely sew on a button.  However, my uncle was the assistant director, I was young and willful and needed a job, and my father strong armed him into hiring me.  So, armed with the tools of my forced upon trade--tape measure, needle, thread and pins--I set about making my living.  In pursuit of this vocation I had occasion to fit Maggie McKaye.  I admit her proportions were quite good, but as I stated, I would never have given her a second glance had it not been for cigarettes.

One day I was smoking a Marlboro on the outside set waiting to fit an actor when she passed by in full costume, backed up, took the cigarette from my mouth, threw it to the ground, crushed it with her high button shoe, looked at me and said:  "Young woman, there are better things to put into your mouth."

Hours later, in her apartment, I had to agree...
Merlin - Gwen/Morgana - One Solution
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Truly Deeply (Emily/JJ)

Title: Truly Deeply
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds. This is just for entertainment purposes.
Summary: A night in with the television leads to the utterance of those 3 special words. This is just pure fluff!
A/N: As always please, please comment, it makes my day

Here @ my journal

Sins of the Child, Chapter Two

Sins of the Child
Guiding Light
Multi-Chapter, On-Going Story
Rating: Eventually R at least
Chapter 2: 3,491

 Author’s Note: Given that TPTB did indeed manage to take an amazing storyline that they labored over with love and devotion for the past eighteen months and royally screw it up, I decided to write my own version of what I, and some good friends, felt would be a logical storyline in keeping with the overall arc of this relationship, in order to explain Natalia’s month long absence.

 It also embraces the over-riding theme of family and motherhood without resorting to the trite and clichéd, hack-writer scenario of making Natalia pregnant, much less having her leave Olivia without a word or note, a plot that beggars the imagination. This is a story that does deal with the past, with the struggle on the part of both these women to somehow be better parents than their own mothers were. And of how all of us, eventually, have to come to terms with our own pasts.

 This is set post June 22, but does not include the events of the week of June 29, 2009. This timeline and story veer off forever from this point.

 Thanks to Seftiri for her advice, her encouragement, and above all, her friendship. It means the world to me. Thanks as well to Peanuts for her eagle eye in beta’ing this story and to Tremblingmoon for her input and advice and to darandkerry for the kind support!

 A/N 2: Warning: In this chapter I do make a reference to Olivia’s past and in particular to an act of violence in her past. I did want to make certain that I made the reader aware of this discussion, due to its sensitive nature.

A/N 3: (ETA) In this chapter there is also a reference to Olivia’s religious upbringing, or lack thereof. Thanks to a wonderful reader, thOu_art_that, who sent me the link for the specific clip, I have found a concrete reference to Olivia being raised Catholic in a conversation with Jeffrey about the incident described in this story. Thanks so much to thOu_art_that! Hence, I have made an edit to the story to reflect this, and the coming chapter will reflect it as well.

Sins of the Child, Chapter Two

Otalia - Uninvited

Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Otalia
Artist: Alanis Morisette
Song: Uninvited
POV: Natalia
A/N: Thank you once again for all the great comments on my videos, They're greatly appreciated :D. All Ooold clips here people...Oh and I apologise in advance for the clip at 0.30
A/N2 (You don't have to read this...It's just a kinda foreword): And I'm in an overly happy mood (I won a video contest for best tearjerker! WOO HOO!) so I'm gonna explain why I chose the song, though you don't have to read it if it's gonna bore you lol..

I think it's kind of in three stages with a slow progress...

In the first stage Alanis is saying "Yeah I accept this, and I'm flattered but well...I can't do it..."

In the second part the music builds and she's like"I understand and you must like to make me feel uncomfortable and see me squirm but no matter how much I want to do this I just CAN'T Okay? It's not allowed!"

Stage three she almost puts her foot down and she's like "Stop! I know you think you love me but you Can't...It's not allowed!"

The end calms slightly and she gives into her feelings like "I know you're not unworthy. I just have to stop and think before I give myself to you totally...."

The crash of music shows her plunge into the relationship...Although I show it as thinking of the past...then plunging in lol


Fic: The Flip Of A Coin (Juliet/Kate)

Okay, so I'm seriously addicted to Lost. Seems I can't stop writing Juliet and Kate... I know the pairing isn't all that popular, but I'd like to know what you guys think because writing Lost is so different from everything I've done so far, so I'd really appreciate the feedback. Cheers!

Title: The Flip Of A Coin
Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Juliet/Kate
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Trust me, if I did things would be mightily different.
Summary: When you flip a coin it's all luck which side comes up and which direction your life takes. For Kate, the flip of the coin is mentioning Rachel when Juliet catches her searching her tent. The coin hits the ground and one side comes up and from then on everything changes.

Juliet is staring at her with her eyes shooting daggers. "Who is Rachel?" she asks. And then, something odd happens.

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Fic: Keep It Precious (Juliet/Kate)

Right. So here comes my next bout of insanity. As I said, I'm addicted.

Title: Keep It Precious
Fandom: Lost
Pairing: Juliet/Kate
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Still don't own anything.
Summary: "The world twists and turns and bends at the edges and suddenly nothing's like before. She slips and falls and then she's gone and you're still here and this is so wrong wrong wrong."

Nothing must die, only if failed to mend
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Choices 9B/?, CSI Miami, Calleigh/Natalia, NC-17

Title: Choices 9B/?
Fandom: CSI Miami
Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia
Rating: Adult Content
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I spend a lot of time with them. This is gonna get really dark folks, and bloody violent so consider yourselves forewarned.

Archiving: P & P, femslah_smut, women_in_kevlar, all others please ask. Next in my series. Many thanks to Soul_Caged aka Complete_Machine for being my new writing partner. We now have a beta, so a round of applause for sofia_lindsay.

Choices 9B/?

GL - Movie Night - Part 17

Title: Movie Night
Author: critic2000
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG-13 to start, for violence (non-sexual) and language. I am not any kind of a medical expert so if there are some glaring errors, please forgive me.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Guiding Light characters, they belong to CBS and Proctor and Gamble.
Summary: This is set in the spring of 2009. I’ve taking some liberties with the storyline, mainly Natalia never slept with Frank, hence no engagement etc. So our girls have been just continuing forward raising Emma and getting closer to each other though they are still technically just friends, but that will change… This is a hurt/comfort story so they are headed on a rough ride.
Author’s Note: This is my first fan fiction so please be gentle. This would not have been possible if not for the persistent nudging and awesome editing of my beta/great friend croftlara. Comments are welcome.                            

1. Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne Of Green Gables  (L. C. Page & Co., 1908)

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