October 11th, 2009

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FIC: Burnt Sugar Parts 1-3/?

Title: Burnt Sugar
Author: xenalvr
Fandom: Original/Otalia influenced
Pairing: Kristen/Frances
Rating: PG - NC-17 eventually
Disclaimer: I own these characters, yeehah! Comments are love.
Summary: This is an ongoing story set in Sydney, Australia. Centered around Taters, a small restaurant with character, Burnt Sugar is a concoction of love, drama, food and angst.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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The Prophecy (ch 4/?)

Title: The Prophecy

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: SG-1 (AU)

Pairing: Sam/Janet (implied), Janet/OFC

Rating: eventually NC17

Summary: Months after Janet Fraiser is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. They find something they never expected.

Spoilers/Timeline: AU. Starts immediately after Heroes II, so anything before then is fair game. However, since this is AU canon may or may not be followed.

Archive: Only with permission

Disclaimer: Stargate and its characters belong to MGM and Gekko, not me. No copyright infringement intended, no money being made.

A/N1: Special thanks to [info]oxfordshoes2 for the beta!

Chapter 4

A Night Worth Remembering...

 Title: A Night Worth Remembering...

Author: addicted-mb
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairings: Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau
Ratings: K
Disclaimers: Criminal Minds is not owned by me.

Authors Notes: I've finally got my Internet back up and in my new house. Whilst it's been off, I've been writing a few one offs - this being one of them. There's no smut, just a beginning of JJ/Em - how it could be! I'm a little unsure of it, so let me know what you think. I guess it also could be turned into a couple of sequels at some point. Thanks for reading!



Fic: The Looking Glass (15/?) (Twilight, Alice/Bella)

Title: The Looking Glass (15/?)
Author: Beth
Fandom: Twilight
Pairing: Alice/Bella
Word Count: ~ 3,050
Rating: R (for this chapter)
Summary: What if Alice had been the first Cullen to meet Bella Swan?
Spoilers: Through Twilight
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Stephenie Meyer, just borrowing her toys for a while. The title of the fic is based on a Lewis Carroll piece. No copyright infringement intended.
A/N: Sorry for the wait guys but I'm getting back into fic-writing mode so the next one shouldn't take nearly as long to be posted.

| Previous Chapters Here |

Part Fifteen

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Of Mothers and Children - Picnic

 Tittle: Of Mothers and Children - Picnic
Author: storm_8
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Sofia
Raiting: PG
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Ha! Obviously I don't own any of these characters except the original one's...
A/N: Not betaed, so all mistakes are mine. 

So, it's been a while - and, really, I should be working on my lab thingy and not writing fanfiction... - but I had a party yesterday and did too much cleaning today, so I talked to the muse to see if she was available. Luckily she was in a somewhat good mood and this popped out.

Picnic with Sara and Sofia! And I believe this one will have a follow-up...

Enjoy and comment, because it let's me know I should continue!!!!

When a very loud shriek was heard, the squirrels hid in the trees and the four children looked over to see their mothers rolling around on the blankets. )

Everything by joblairfan

Title: Everything

Author: joblairfan

Fandom: Guiding Light

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: Parts 1-4 (G rated), Parts 5-7 (Seriously NC-17)

Spoilers: Assumes back story up until 9/10/09. I have taken a few liberties, including:

1) Making Natalia a little less pregnant. (6 mos.) 2) Explaining why Natalia disappeared the way that she did. 3) Giving voice to “what I think” has been left unsaid between our girls, through the use of inner dialogue. 4) Giving Olivia “Freakin’ Spencer back her sexual prowess. 5) Proving that Natalia is “in touch” with what she really wants. 6) Proving women in love have more than forehead sex.

Summary: This story takes place on the day that Olivia and Emma (finally) move back to the farmhouse, and chronicles their first night together.

Special Thanks: To my offline beta, Tatum. (aka: SnailHeatReader)

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Olivia Spencer or Natalia Rivera…I just let them have a lot more fun than CBS did!)


*This is my first Otalia fic...and my first time posting here. I love this site, and just want to contribute. Since I'm a newbie, I'm bound to screw up, but just tell me in a friendly way, and I promise to improve!

Now on with the show…

Part one: http://joblairfan.livejournal.com/568.html
Part two: http://joblairfan.livejournal.com/851.html
Part three: http://joblairfan.livejournal.com/1126.html
Part four: http://joblairfan.livejournal.com/1298.html
Part five: http://joblairfan.livejournal.com/1635.html
Part six: http://joblairfan.livejournal.com/1811.html
Part seven: http://joblairfan.livejournal.com/2257.html

Otalia fic - Heroes and Friends, 8/?

Title: Heroes and Friends
Fandom: Otalia
Rating: Mostly PG-13, eventual NC-17 for sex and violence (Not between our girls though…the violence that is…promise. The other? Well…teehee).
Disclaimer: These wonderful ladies and the rest of the town belong to CBS, Telenext, and P&G. I’m just having some fun with them.
Spoilers: I don’t think so. This story picks up at the “no more waiting” gazebo scene and goes off canon.
Summary: Nat gets the shock of her life and it turns Liv’s world upside down.
Warning: Not beta’d so if it sucks, there’s only me to blame.

Chapter 8