October 23rd, 2009


BlogTalkRadio - Birds of Prey TV Femslash Discussion on October 29, 2009

Dear readers,

Having just completed my sprawling interview of Nancylee Myatt, Christina Cox, and Liz Vassey for television programs like Nikki & Nora, South of Nowhere, Defying Gravity, and CSI, Femslash4Fans Radio moves back to talking to regular fanfic authors such as you and I. A brand new show will be airing LIVE on Thursday, October 29th, at 10 PM EST - just in time for Halloween. Because really, what is spookier than Gotham at night, where people in costumes are a nightly terror?


Birds of Prey - North and BG share Barbara/Helena With Us

All right, so it lasted only thirteen episodes, nowhere near as long as Smallville, the show whose success on The WB helped spawn it. And maybe it wasn't the critics' favorite that year. And I suppose many of the main characters were just a bit different from their comic-book counterparts. None of that ever stopped Birds of Prey fans from their undying devotion to Oracle and Huntress. You think Batman and Robin had something going on? That's nothing compared to the subtexty relationship between mentor Barbara Gordon and protege Helena Kyle. (No, not Bertinelli, Kyle. Just go with it.) And if perhaps the writing wasn't always great, that just means there are plenty of fan fiction authors out there who took up the challenge, sought to do better than the source material that inspired them - and succeeded. We'll be talking to two of them this night - North, who wrote stories like "Poison" and "Strain" that drew extra inspiration from the show's comic-book roots, and BG, author of the massive "Elemental" series and a writer whose work reflected the knowledge that Harley Quinn was much more than a ruthless sociopath. We'll talk to them about the show, about the comics, and about why the romance between a super-powered crime fighter and a paraplegic computers genius has endured for so long.

All past shows can be downloaded at www.blogtalkradio.com/allaine, including my interview of harper_m, where Birds of Prey was one of the subjects discussed.

Listeners who choose to listen live can also call the show at (347) 637-1231 if they have questions of their own that they'd like to ask North or BG.
I hope you'll tune in :)

Sincerely, Allaine

Guiding Light Fic: Dangerous Liaisons (Doris / Beth)

Title: Dangerous Liaisons
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Doris / Beth
Rating: 18
Summary: Doris’s marriage to Alan isn’t all that it might seem...
A/N: Inspired by this scene from February 2007 which is mentioned in the fic.
A/N 2: This is smut. No more, no less. You have been warned! Written and posted on a train somewhere between Glasgow and London!

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