October 30th, 2009

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Fic: Blind Situation (3/3)

Title: Blind Situation (3/3)
Fandom: Bones
Author: Constantine
Pairing: Brennan/Cam
Rating: R
Summary: Brennan and Cam take a chance.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bones. That is all.
A/N: Thank you to everyone who has read this story and a special thanks to everyone who took the time to write a review. I’m sorry it took so long to get this update out. I actually wrote it a few times, but was unhappy with the finished product. I finally got back to it this week and this is what I came up with.
Feedback: If you like it let me know. If not, you can let me know that too.

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The Prophecy (ch 21-22/?)

Title: The Prophecy

Author: dhamphir

Fandom: SG-1 (AU)

Pairing: Sam/Janet (implied), Janet/OFC

Rating: NC17

Summary: Months after Janet Fraiser is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. They find something they never expected.

Spoilers/Timeline: AU. Starts immediately after Heroes II, so anything before then is fair game. However, since this is AU canon may or may not be followed.

Archive: Only with permission

Disclaimer: Stargate and its characters belong to MGM and Gekko, not me. No copyright infringement intended, no money being made.

A/N1: Special thanks to [info]oxfordshoes2 for the beta!

Chapters 21 and 22

Legend of the Morning [1/?]

Title: Legend of te Morning- Part One
Author: zoe_rachael
Fandom: Twilight/Skins
Pairing: Alice/Bella Naomi/Emily
Raiting: R
Summary: It’s hard keeping that secret, the one that could end everything for you. The question becomes weather to tell the one you love, risk everything to gain everything, or to continue as you always have, with everyone around you being blissfully unaware. Then again, what if you’re given no choice? 

Part One


Otalia: How Do You Measure a Year? 5/9

Title: How Do You Measure a Year? 5/9
Author: Chrissie aka itsalovestory
Rating: PG for this part
Pairing: Olivia & Natalia from Guiding Light
Summary: Otalia celebrates a year's worth of laughter, love, and memories.
Spoilers: None as of 8/11
A/N: I was watching the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes from last year. It made me sad to know that we won't get to see them this year with a together and knowingly in-love Otalia. Assumes that Natalia is pregnant and Frank is more like an uncle to the kid.

A/N2: Thanks for all the comments! Hope ya'll have rebooted from the last couple updates...lol

A/N3: I'm not sure how I feel about this part...let me know how you like it...thanks!


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New fic: Devil's Night

Title: Devil's Night
Author: chilly_flame
Fandom: The Devil Wears Prada
Pairing: Andy/Miranda
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don't own anything relating to the Devil Wear's Prada book or film.
Author's note: Thanks as always to my beta, Xander, and to a few folks who were kind enough to provide some fabulous prompts. The saddest part: I didn't use any of them, and instead ripped myself off and wrote something completely unoriginal. In other words, you've read this story before. My bad, but it was all I had time for during an incredibly busy week. Sorry folks who were looking for something related to ghosts. Maybe at Christmas!

Read it here at my journal.

FIC: Schadenfreude 1/1; Doctors

TITLE: Schadenfreude
FANDOM: Doctors
PAIRING: Zara/Michelle (Here be a pic - Michelle is on the left; Zara on the right.)
SUMMARY: Schadenfreude is a much maligned emotion, but it has its uses...
A/N - So, Doctors is a fairly obscure British soap opera which is on for half an hour a day. I happened to watch it one afternoon, then discussed it with purplepapillon, and we became enamoured with the character Dr Zara Carmichael, who is a) fit and b) a bitch. Hence her new title, Dr Fit Bitch. Michelle is a nurse, and she and Zara work together in a GP's surgery. Last week Zara snarked a pregnant teenager who was giving birth in the surgery toilet, instructing her to "shut up and open your legs" (I was in love right then.) You really don't need to know more than that, other than that this is set soon after yesterday's episode, which you can see on BBC iPlayer if you're in the UK and have half an hour to kill. If you can't be bothered, here is a synopsis: A really annoying nurse called Cherry spends the whole episode pissing everyone off by going on about how her supposedly super amazing boyfriend took her to France. Michelle had previously expressed concerns about how patently fishy said boyfriend is, and not just because he sounds like he's from Edinburgh and yet seems to be voluntarily living in Birmingham. Zara's theory was that he was secretly married.

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Dr Fit Bitch

Doctors Fic: Cheerful is Overrated

Title: Cheerful is Overrated
Author: Purplepapillon
Fandom: Doctors (see A/N on wonkots42's previous post for an explanation of the show and characters)
Pairing: Zara / Michelle
Rating: PG
Summary: Zara finds a way to cheer Michelle up.
A/N: This is random. But apparently when Wonko and I randomly watch the same show, these things happen... They're both pretty. What more does one need?

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