October 31st, 2009

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wmc - Jill/Lindsay - Family

 title:                               Family
author:                         ymmat09
pairing:                        Lindsay and Jill
rating:                          15 yrs
summary:                   Lindsay grieves
disclaimer:                  I do not own these characters in way shape or form


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So Close (Part 7)

Title: So Close
Author: Fab_fan
Fandom: All My Children
Pairing: Frankie/Bianca, Bianca/Reese, Maggie/Bianca, Maggie/Other
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: There is a crazed stalker after Bianca and her family. The FBI is doing their best to catch the killer and protect the small family. Oh...and Frankie's alive.

Note: I'm not a big French speaker, so I had to use an online translator for some of this. I apologize if it's wrong, but if it is just let me know and I'll fix it right up.  :)

Part 7
Xena Black and White
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Christmas Wish-List 2009

The Christmas Wish List is here again, and as with last year's list it will be an open challenge, which means no signing up or assigned stories, but rather a chance to fulfil someone else's Christmas wish and make a lot of other people happy in the process.

Obviously, as there are no assignments, there is no guarantee that one of your stories will be chosen, but you'll still get to enjoy other people's gifts, so pressies all around.

So, here's how it works:

In a comment to this post you can list up to five Christmas wishes (just one wish comment per person so give it some thought before you decide); these can be in the form of stories, graphics or videos. You should include the following information: fandom, pairing/character, format (if you're not requesting a story) and a one sentence synopsis. As an example:

Los Hombre De Paco
Silvia and Pepa's first Christmas together.

Waking the Dead
Any pairing

Murder in Suburbia
Music Video
Song: 'Pretend this is a song title' by some singer

Please put the wishes in alphabetical order by fandom, to make collating a little easier.

Once all the wishes have been collected I will post the Christmas wish-list to the community and P&P and those wishing to take part can peruse the list and choose the wish or wishes they'd like to give. Then, once the story, graphic or video is complete, it should be posted to the community or submitted to the site with the words: Christmas wish-list and the recipient's name in the header information.

All entries should be posted between the date the Christmas wish-list is posted (in just over two weeks) and the end of December. Multiple posts are, of course, more than welcome and I'm sure that no one will mind if more than one person answers a particular wish. This is your chance to spread a little Christmas cheer around the femslash community.

Wishes are not limited to authors, so if you've got an idea (brief) that you'd like to see made a reality, try listing it here. If community moderators (one mod per comm) wants to make some wishes for their community, that's fine too, just remember to state which community they're for.

The prompt post will be closed on Sunday, 15th November.
Otalia Can't Look - commasplice103

Music Vid - Olivia/Natalia "Beauty And The Beast"

Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia (Otalia)
Song: Beauty And The Beast Sung By Angela Lansbury
Rating: PG
Notes: If you really think of the Otalia storyline, it is classic beauty and the beast. Olivia, the hard ass, kinda mean, self centered Beast. Natalia, the soft hearted, though feisty, woman who touches and changes the Beasts heart. This case it's just literally and figuratively.
Disclaimers: Don't own the song. Don't own the clip. Clips belong to CBS, Proctor and Gamble and Telenext, the song to Disney.

GL - Movie Night - Part 41

Title: Movie Night
Author: critic2000
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG-13 to start, for violence (non-sexual) and language. I am not any kind of a medical expert so if there are some glaring errors, please forgive me.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Guiding Light characters, they belong to CBS and Proctor and Gamble.
Summary: This is set in the spring of 2009. I’ve taking some liberties with the storyline, mainly Natalia never slept with Frank, hence no engagement etc. So our girls have been just continuing forward raising Emma and getting closer to each other though they are still technically just friends, but that will change… This is a hurt/comfort story so they are headed on a rough ride.
Author’s Note: This is my first fan fiction so please be gentle. This would not have been possible if not for the persistent nudging and awesome editing of my beta/great friend croftlara. Comments are welcome.

Part 1 ) ( Parts 2 & 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Parts 5 & 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 ) ( Part 10 ) ( Part 11 ) ( Part 12 ) ( Part 13 ) ( Parts 14 & 15 ) ( Part 16 ) ( Part 17 ) ( Part 18 ) ( Part 19 ) ( Part 20 ) ( Part 21 ) ( Part 22 ) ( Part 23 ) ( Part 24 ) ( Part 25 ) ( Part 26 ) Part 27 ) ( Part 28 ) Part 29 )  ( Part 30 ) Part 31 ) Part 32 ) Part 33 ) ( Chapter 34 ) ( Part 35 ) Part 36 ) ( Part 37 ) ( Part 38 ) ( Part 39 ) ( Part 40 )


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Cover for Secrets

Fic: The Ghost Voice

Title: The Ghost Voice (Part 6, S2 of Until The Break Of Dawn)
Author: Demeter
Fandom: Women's Murder Club/Dollhouse
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy
Summary: Two years after the fall of the Dollhouse, Lindsay and Cindy have created a new life for themselves, but the past is always close behind.
A/N: I take no blame whatsoever.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and James Patterson own. I just wish I did.

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Of Mothers and Children - Halloween

Tittle: Of Mothers and Children - Halloween (sequel to 'Pumpkins')
Author: storm_8
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Sara/Sofia
Raiting: PG
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Ha! Obviously I don't own any of these characters except the original one's...
A/N: Not betaed, so all mistakes are mine. 

I barely finished this on time! I had the craziest week, lots of assessed work and no time to do it. But as promised, a Halloween follow up of the lovely ladies and their children (it's also a bit longer than normal).

I also have to thank [info]wkgreen  for commenting on "Pumpkins" and giving me an amazing sentence, which then bloomed into this.

Oh, and if you're interested in an aftermath of this, let me know!!

Enjoy and comment, because it let's me know I should continue!!!!

PS: I don't wanna be a pain, but comments are always welcome, especially now that I have less free time. No feedback gives me the impression that I should indeed be working, instead of continuing this series...

Regina Mills
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Just in case you missed it, the Royal Academy of Bards has published it's 2009 Halloween Invitational, which is just jammed packed with lovely femslash related goodies. So hurry on over and check them out... I especially recommend darandkerry's story Murder Most Foul (Murder in Suburbia), which I was fortunate enough to read earlier.

Okay, so what are you doing still reading this? Go check out the fics.