November 4th, 2009

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WMC Porn Battle Fic: If It's Not Rough It Isn't Fun (Jill/Cindy) 1/1

Title: If It's Not Rough It Isn't Fun
Author: Misty Flores
Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Pairing: Jill/Cindy
Word Count: ~2,900
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Like true doting, over-protective friends, Lindsay and Claire were both horrified and nearly hysterical in their outrage that Cindy had not only defied them, but had actually had the balls to go undercover and on stage in her birthday suit. Jill, just as doting, and only slightly less over-protective, thought it was one of the fucking hottest things she had ever seen.
Spoilers: None really, but you could put this in between my previous Jill/Cindy pornfest, 'You Shook Me'. Meaning they're already having sex.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Wish I did. I woulda treated them better. Dammit.
A/N: Originally written for grdnofevrything's porn battle, but couldn't actually post it in the comments because the characters wouldn't shut up.
Prompt: " Women’s Murder Club, Cindy/Jill, strip club"

I'm going to kill her.

Fic: I Know You Love Me, Chapter Four

Title: I Know You Love Me
Author: mysticaldream
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera

Spoilers: This story begins at the end of the 8/31/2009 episode and includes flashbacks/references to earlier scenes, both canon and fictitious. This story will deviate from canon at the end of the 8/31/2009 episode. 

Summary: Natalia pursues Olivia after returning from the retreat. 

Rating: Will range from PG-NC17. 

Disclaimer: The characters herein, including Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera, Emma Spencer, Matt Reardon, Maureen Reardon, Frank Cooper, Rick Bauer, Doris Wolfe and Buzz Cooper belong to Proctor & Gamble, TeleNext Media, and/or CBS. I do not own them nor am I making any profit from this work of fiction. 

A/N: This story alternates between Olivia's and Natalia's POV and also sometimes between memories/flashbacks and present tense. I will do my best to make the differences clear. This is my first attempt at fanfic; constructive criticism is always appreciated. Thanks for reading and especially to those of you who take the time to comment - I appreciate it more than I can express!

(Chapter One)   (Chapter Two)   (Chapter Three

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Katheryn Winnick - Charles Swan

Somebody's Watching, Somebody's Waiting - Part 3

Title: Somebody’s Watching, Somebody’s Waiting

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Jennifer Jareau/Maggie Lowe

Disclaimer: Criminal Minds is property of CBS and I don’t own anything.

Rating: PG

Summary/Spoilers: This is a retelling of the episode ‘Somebody’s Watching’. The BAU team is on the hunt for a killer stalking an actress. Meanwhile Jennifer Jareau begins dating the actress’s best friend, unaware she’s the stalker they’re searching for. Yeah that’s right I just revealed the ending of the episode, but it’s not possible to write this story without revealing it anyway. Numerous story revelations are revealed.

A/N: This episode not only had two women I really like (A.J. Cook and Katheryn Winnick) together, but the first portrayal of gay characters on Criminal Minds, with Katheryn being one of them. It had so many things going for it, but instead it was disappointing. A.J. and Katheryn’s screen time was minimal, they never appeared onscreen together, and the gay portrayals were terrible. Ironically Maggie Lowe is probably still the best portrayed gay character on the series. So I decided to write this episode the way it should’ve gone. Oh and that “lesbian” crushing on Gideon earlier in the episode because he reminded her of her dad? That scene alone warrants her getting erased from the story.

A/N 2: Special thanks to my betas talos13 and femme_slash_fan

Part 3

previous chapters:

Part 1
Part 2

Lie to Me Fic: Guilt

Title: Guilt
Author: Lady Victory aka Vita Wong
Fandom/Pairing: Lie to Me; Gillian Foster/Ria Torres
Rating: PG-13ish
Spoilers: Slight, for the episode "Honey"
Summary: Guilt can sometimes lead to a break through
Disclaimer: Not mine, believe me; see, no micro expressions...
AN: As always, my summaries suck...
AN2: Why is it that I write most of my fic when I am severely ill? I apologize for the mistakes, and lay half the blame on my flu...
AN3: Comments, they be love!


Otalia- Cheating Destiny

Lunar Soul Ch 10

Well I think I love this picture, and made this icon so that now it can work for the story.  But anyway, I have a few chapters that are ready to go so this won't be the last.  I hope to also post updates on my other stories soon.  Otherwise enjoy!

Title: A Lunar Soul 

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia, Olivia/*its a surprise*

Rating: R- for well something I would never write,

  Characters, show, actors, etc. do not belong to me, I am not making any money so please don't  sue.  Thanks.

Author's Note: An AU in which Natalia and Olivia meet under different circumstances.  Some things still the same, some not.  Natalia's storyline is changed the most, she is a cop.  

Beta- Q.

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Once Upon a Dream 3/?

Title: Once Upon a Dream
Author: Kelinswriter
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: NC-17 (for lots of things)
Summary: Starts with the infamous scene with the OPT Pregnancy Test. Spins off from there into its own little universe.
Disclaimer: CBS, P&G, Telenext et. al. owns these characters; but I'm just taking them off the shelf and playing with them for a while...and they deserve better than to be on a shelf, dammit.

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GL - Movie Night - Part 42

Title: Movie Night
Author: critic2000
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia
Rating: PG-13 to start, for violence (non-sexual) and language. I am not any kind of a medical expert so if there are some glaring errors, please forgive me.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Guiding Light characters, they belong to CBS and Proctor and Gamble.
Summary: This is set in the spring of 2009. I’ve taking some liberties with the storyline, mainly Natalia never slept with Frank, hence no engagement etc. So our girls have been just continuing forward raising Emma and getting closer to each other though they are still technically just friends, but that will change… This is a hurt/comfort story so they are headed on a rough ride.
Author’s Note: This is my first fan fiction so please be gentle. This would not have been possible if not for the persistent nudging and awesome editing of my beta/great friend croftlara. Comments are welcome.

Part 1 ) ( Parts 2 & 3 ) ( Part 4 ) ( Parts 5 & 6 ) ( Part 7 ) ( Part 8 ) ( Part 9 ) ( Part 10 ) ( Part 11 ) ( Part 12 ) ( Part 13 ) ( Parts 14 & 15 ) ( Part 16 ) ( Part 17 ) ( Part 18 ) ( Part 19 ) ( Part 20 ) ( Part 21 ) ( Part 22 ) ( Part 23 ) ( Part 24 ) ( Part 25 ) ( Part 26 ) Part 27 ) ( Part 28 ) Part 29 )  ( Part 30 ) Part 31 ) Part 32 ) Part 33 ) ( Chapter 34 ) ( Part 35 ) Part 36 ) ( Part 37 ) ( Part 38 ) ( Part 39 ) ( Part 40 ) ( Part 41 )


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H.G. loves post-it notes... WH13

Redemption - 27/? [PG currently]

Title - Redemption
Fandom - Guiding Light
Paring - Olivia/Natalia
Warnings and/or Spoilers - No spoilers. This is an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so some stuff will be very different than what is on the show. Reference to drugs. Cursing. Angst. And a certain horrible act is now in the forefront, so be aware.
Summary - Olivia Spencer is falling apart and takes an undercover case in order to ignore her pain. But along with drugs and crooked cops and an unexpected ally, she finds a reason to finally heal and live again. Multi-chapter thing.
Rating - PG currently, hard-R in later chapters

Notes - Man, do I think this chapter But whatever. Any forward progress is good, right? ;)

Story as follows: 1-12 of Redemption 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

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