November 24th, 2009

Callie/Arizona Kiss
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don’t stop believin' || chapter 2 || miranda/andrea || DWP

Pairing Miranda/Andrea
Fandom Devil Wears Prada
Rating NC-17
Warning None I don’t think ...
Disclaimer In profile
Summary A kiss, a wedding ring, children and a back-story.
A/N Next chapter just needs typing up that should happen by Wednesday night. This chapter is almost 6000 words simply cause I had no good place to cut it – Again any feelings not fully explained in this chapter will be in time. Stick with me – My need for angst is at the moment staying away from this story!

Prologue || 1

A smell of wine and cheep perfume
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Also looking for an NCIS beta

Good morning all,
I am so excited that there will more NCIS fiction coming soon! I saw Jaina's earlier post and I feel like it's the day before xmas and I'm expecting to find a pony under the tree.

I will be posting a Ziva/Abby for the December event, and I am having trouble finding a Beta. This a a new fandom for me, and sadly, my past betas don't watch NCIS.

I could really use a beta who knows the characters well and is willing to beta a long fic.

Oh, and thanks to Ralst for providing this space!

Choices 14A/?, CSI Miami, Calleigh/Natalia, NC-17

Title: Choices 14A/?
Fandom: CSI Miami
Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia
Rating: Adult Content
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I spend a lot of time with them.

This is gonna get really dark folks, and bloody violent so consider yourselves forewarned.

Archiving: Caltalia. All others please ask. Possible timeline in my series. Many thanks to Soul_Caged aka Complete_Machine for being my new writing partner. And thanks to bonejacker for writing Sonia when I couldn’t. Not betad so all mistakes are ours.

Choices 14A/?

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The Newest Episode of The Good Wife

I'm a new LJ user, so I don't know if this okay or not just to post a question, but I'm dying to talk to other people about something that happened in the newest episode that aired earlier today. If I HAVE made a mistake, please let me know, and I'll remove the comment, okay?

Anyway! Hello peoples! In the episode of The Good Wife that aired today, did anyone else notice the MOMENT that happened between Kalinda and Alicia's new assistant? It was subtle, and over in a flash, but I saw something! I know that Kalinda's supposed to get a boyfriend (ick), but my mind went wild with the possibility of inter-office drama between Kalinda, the assistant, and the police guy.

So, did anyone else see this? Or am I just jumping at straws to keep Kalinda gay? XD And I know that a Donna was introduced by name in one of the episodes, so when are we going to see her?

Thanks everyone!