November 27th, 2009

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So Close Part 16

Title: So Close
Author: Fab_fan
Fandom: All My Children
Pairing: Frankie/Bianca, Bianca/Reese, Maggie/Bianca (past), Maggie/Other
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: There is a crazed stalker after Bianca and her family. The FBI is doing their best to catch the killer and protect the small family. Oh...and Frankie's alive.

Note: Happy belated Turkey Day everyone! I got this out as quick as I could with the holiday. I apologize if there are any mistakes.

Part 16

Choices 14B/?, CSI Miami, Calleigh/Natalia, NC-17

Title: Choices 14B/?
Fandom: CSI Miami
Pairing: Calleigh/Natalia
Rating: Adult Content
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but I spend a lot of time with them.

This is gonna get really dark folks, and bloody violent so consider yourselves forewarned.

Archiving: Caltalia. All others please ask. Possible timeline in my series. Many thanks to Soul_Caged aka Complete_Machine for being my new writing partner. And thanks to bonejacker for writing Sonia when I couldn’t. Not betad so all mistakes are ours.

Choices 14B/?

Katheryn Winnick - Charles Swan

Somebody's Watching, Somebody's Waiting - Part 8

Title: Somebody’s Watching, Somebody’s Waiting

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Jennifer Jareau/Maggie Lowe

Disclaimer: Criminal Minds is property of CBS and I don’t own anything.

Rating: 14A

Summary/Spoilers: This is a retelling of the episode ‘Somebody’s Watching’. The BAU team is on the hunt for a killer stalking an actress. Meanwhile Jennifer Jareau begins dating the actress’s best friend, unaware she’s the stalker they’re searching for. Yeah that’s right I just revealed the ending of the episode, but it’s not possible to write this story without revealing it anyway. Numerous story revelations are revealed.

A/N: This episode not only had two women I really like (A.J. Cook and Katheryn Winnick) together, but the first portrayal of gay characters on Criminal Minds, with Katheryn being one of them. It had so many things going for it, but instead it was disappointing. A.J. and Katheryn’s screen time was minimal, they never appeared onscreen together, and the gay portrayals were terrible. Ironically Maggie Lowe is probably still the best portrayed gay character on the series. So I decided to write this episode the way it should’ve gone. Oh and that “lesbian” crushing on Gideon earlier in the episode because he reminded her of her dad? That scene alone warrants her getting erased from the story.

A/N 2: Special thanks to my beta talos13

Part 8

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dana wet

The Shootout

Title: The Shootout
Author: dhamphir
Fandom: X-Files

Pairing: Scully/OFC
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~500
Summary: Dana and Jess are pinned down, outgunned, and surrounded.

Disclaimer: X-Files and its characters belong to C.C. and 1013 Productions. No copyright infringement intended, no money be made.
A/N1: This is the result of a prompt given to me by oxfordshoes2. She supplied the first sentence.
A/N2: While this is set in my ‘Weak in the Knees’ universe, it is not part of the series.

The Shootout

Raw - 3/?

Title: Raw
Author: addicted-mb
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairings: Emily Prentiss/Jennifer Jareau
Ratings: K (at the moment)
Disclaimers: Criminal Minds is not owned by me.

A/N: Ok, I have been un-motivated and lazy. These are my only excuses for the lack of updates lately. Where is my person to kick me up the bum?

I hope that this update is accepted as apologies to all! :D Oh and please review....I'm not sure about this and where it's heading, so I'd be very interested in your thoughts!

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I Know You Love Me, Chapter Seven (Part V)

Title: I Know You Love Me
Author: mysticaldream
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera
Spoilers: This story begins at the end of the 8/31/2009 episode and includes flashbacks/references to earlier scenes, both canon and fictitious. This story will deviate from canon at the end of the 8/31/2009 episode.

Natalia pursues Olivia after returning from the retreat.
Rating: Will range from PG-NC17.
Disclaimer: The characters herein, including Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera, Emma Spencer, Matt Reardon, Maureen Reardon, Frank Cooper, Rick Bauer, Doris Wolfe and Buzz Cooper belong to Proctor & Gamble, TeleNext Media, and/or CBS. I do not own them nor am I making any profit from this work of fiction.

A/N: This story alternates between Olivia's and Natalia's POV and also sometimes between memories/flashbacks and present tense. I will do my best to make the differences clear. This is my first attempt at fanfic; constructive criticism is always appreciated. Thanks for reading and especially to those of you who take the time to comment - I appreciate it more than I can express! I hope chapter seven ends at some point in 2009, but I'm starting to wonder. I apologize for the longer than usual delay between chapters. I'll try to get back on track to posting every 3-4 days. Also, sorry to anyone who saw it pop up earlier and then disappear. I was having formatting problems and then I had to leave the house, so I deleted it pretty quickly.

(Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five) (Chapter Six) (Chapter Seven [Part I]) (Chapter Seven [Part II]) (Chapter Seven [Part III])(Chapter Seven [Part IV])

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Otalia- Cheating Destiny

Lunar Soul Ch 14

Thank you all for your comments, I will reply when I have the proper time. But I read them all and :]

And, as promised, the next chapter.

Title: A Lunar Soul

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: PG 13, ish. Close enough.

Characters, show, actors, etc. do not belong to me, I am not making any money so please don't sue. Thanks.

Author's Note: An AU in which Natalia and Olivia meet under different circumstances. Some things still the same, some not. Natalia's storyline is changed the most, she is a cop.

Beta- Q.

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Sins of the Child, Chapter Seven

Sins of the Child
Guiding Light
Multi-Chapter, On-Going Story
Rating: Eventually R at least
Chapter 7, 2,022

Author’s Note: Given that TPTB did indeed manage to take an amazing storyline that they labored over with love and devotion for the past eighteen months and royally screw it up, I decided to write my own version of what I, and some good friends, felt would be a logical storyline in keeping with the overall arc of this relationship, in order to explain Natalia’s month long absence.

It also embraces the over-riding theme of family and motherhood without resorting to the trite and clichéd, hack-writer scenario of making Natalia pregnant, much less having her leave Olivia without a word or note, a plot that beggars the imagination. This is a story that does deal with the past, with the struggle on the part of both these women to somehow be better parents than their own mothers were. And of how all of us, eventually, have to come to terms with our own pasts.

This is set post June 22, but does not include the events of the week of June 29, 2009. This timeline and story veer off forever from this point.

A/N: Thanks to darandkerry for the support, encouragement, friendship and the kind beta work! Love ya, Tex-Ass! Thanks as well to Kelinswriter, who has offered wonderful advice and suggestions, and who lets her Liv come out and play with my Bossy one. Cheers!!

And a new addition to the Few’s Betas team, Senpai20, who has generously offered her extensive knowledge of Chicago to one whose entire store of information about the Windy City comes from sitting in the terminal at O’Hare. Thanks, dear!!

A/N 2: Warning: Chapter 2 does make a reference to Olivia’s past and in particular to an act of violence in her past. I did want to make certain that I made the reader aware of this discussion, due to its sensitive nature.

A/N 3: (ETA) In this chapter there is also a reference to Olivia’s religious upbringing, or lack thereof. Thanks to a wonderful reader, thOu art that, who sent me the link for the specific clip, I have found a concrete reference to Olivia being raised Catholic in a conversation with Jeffrey about the incident described in this story. Thanks so much to thOu_art_that! Hence, I have made an edit to the story to reflect this, and the coming chapter will reflect it as well.

Sorry for the relatively short chapter. But don’t worry….I won’t make you wait much longer to see what happens in the hospital in Chicago, but Olivia wanted to come out and play a bit. Chapter Eight coming soon!!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

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