December 2nd, 2009

Hating Christmas a Christmas wish-list fic for talos13

Title: Hating Christmas
Disclaimer: I do not own Criminal Minds, CM and Co are owned by ABC and CBS studios. If I did own them, Emily would come out of the closet and Morgan and Garcia would realize their mad love for each other.
Fandom: CriminalMinds
Pairing: J.J./Emily
Rating: PG
Summary: Emily has always hated Christmas. For talos13
Spoiler or Other Information: None

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Otalia: "How Do You Measure A Year?"

Title: How Do You Measure a Year?
Author: Chrissie aka itsalovestory
Rating: Parts range from G to NC-17
Pairing: Olivia & Natalia from Guiding Light
Summary: Otalia celebrates a year's worth of laughter, love, and memories.
Spoilers: None as of 8/11
A/N: I was watching the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes from last year. It made me sad to know that we won't get to see them this year with a together and knowingly in-love Otalia. Assumes that Natalia is pregnant and Frank is more like an uncle to the kid.

A/N2: Sorry I'm a little slow on the uptake, but here are the links to all past postings of this story. I should have another update later this weekend.

You measure, faith, & fortune cookies- Holidays 1-3:
You measure with...frustration- Holiday 4 Part I:
You measure with...flirting- Holiday 4 Part II:
You measure with...foreplay- Holiday 4 Part III:
You measure with...f*cking, forgiveness, & flowers- Holiday 4 Part IV- Holiday 6:
You measure with...fireworks- Holiday 7:

All updates will also be posted to my livejournal:
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Drabble: He said, She said

Fandom: The Good Wife
Pairing: Alicia/Kalinda

"Everyone is entitled to one mistake," he said, as if his call-girls and lies were one single blemish against an otherwise pristine soul. "Forgive me," he pleaded, when his arrogance could no longer blind him to my anger. "Think of the children," he begged, once he realised I was no longer his.

"Some mistakes can never be forgiven," she said, giving voice to the truth that had been eating away at my soul. "Call me," she instructed, her demand couched in a smile that made it impossible to resist. "Think of the future," she advised, once she knew that I was hers for the taking.

I Know You Love Me, Chapter Seven (Part VI)

Title: I Know You Love Me
Author: mysticaldream
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera
Spoilers: This story begins at the end of the 8/31/2009 episode and includes flashbacks/references to earlier scenes, both canon and fictitious. This story will deviate from canon at the end of the 8/31/2009 episode.

Natalia pursues Olivia after returning from the retreat.
Rating: Will range from PG-NC17.
Disclaimer: The characters herein, including Olivia Spencer, Natalia Rivera, Emma Spencer, Matt Reardon, Maureen Reardon, Frank Cooper, Rick Bauer, Doris Wolfe and Buzz Cooper belong to Proctor & Gamble, TeleNext Media, and/or CBS. I do not own them nor am I making any profit from this work of fiction.

A/N: This story alternates between Olivia's and Natalia's POV and also sometimes between memories/flashbacks and present tense. I will do my best to make the differences clear. This is my first attempt at fanfic; constructive criticism is always appreciated. Thanks for reading and especially to those of you who take the time to comment - I appreciate it more than I can express! I used up all my good excuses for the long time between updates with the last one. So I'll just take the blame this time. Lob it at me. Chapter 8 called to bitch at me for making it wait. 2 questions to go in the chapter that won't die. Actually, I do have something relevant to say this time. I am begging for the willing suspension of disbelief in this chapter. I have absolutely no religious background or understanding of the faith issues that an individual in a gay or lesbian relationship needs to cope with. I thought about researching it but with it being the end of the quarter at school, then exams, then vacation, then the holidays, throw in a dissertation and well… who knows when I'd get to it. So, for the purpose of our little foray into the fictional world, can we pretend that Natalia's answers make sense and touch on most of the important issues? Please? I'd be much indebted to you. Wonky formatting again. One day I'll get it right.

(Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five) (Chapter Six) (Chapter Seven [Part I]) (Chapter Seven [Part II]) (Chapter Seven [Part III])(Chapter Seven [Part IV])(Chapter Seven [Part V])
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New Yahoo group

The P&P family of sites has just been expanded to include a Yahoo group.

As per all the other members of P&P it is for femslash and femslash related topics, but being an e-mail group it allows discussions to flow in a way that isn't always possible on a community or web-site. I know groups have been out of vogue for a while now but I still think that they have a unique role to play in spreading the femslash love, and I can't believe I hadn't created one before now.

Membership is moderated, to avoid spam etc., but as long as you're not trying to sell reduced price Viagra or are a known troll, you'll be accepted *g*

P.S. If you're going somewhere where you can't get easy access to the web, but still receive your e-mail, a group is perfect.
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Otalia Ship Manifesto- Guiding Light

Title: Seasons of Love-An Otalia Ship Manifesto
Author: cabenson
Feedback: email=, or comment here
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera
Rating: PG
Words: 13,000 give or take a few. Grab a nice glass of red or what-have-you and settle in.
Spoilers: all epsiodes, and especially from 2007-series finale

The Otalia Ship Manifesto can be found at my journal:

Seasons of Love, part 1

Seasons of Love, part 2
Cover for Secrets

Question about a vid

So this is driving me crazy. Does any of you remember a Women's Murder Club (Jill/Lindsay) vid to the song 'Almost Lover' by A Fine Frenzy? I'm pretty sure I've seen it, but that must have been over a year ago.