December 7th, 2009

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One-shot fic: More Than Words (Emily/JJ)

Title: More Than Words
Author: Red
Pairing: Emily/JJ
Rating: PG (I never manage to go past this. LOL!)
Disclaimer: not mine.. but certainly on my new Christmas wishlist. ;)
A/n: I finally finished putting jumbled-up ideas into one very long one-shot. :D It's a kinda sorta sequel for my previous one-shot(s). But I think you'd understand okay if you don't read the other two.
Ah, and this story is dedicated to addicted_mb . Happy birthday, dear (it's probably too early for you, but it is already the 6th in my country). I hope you enjoy this. Also for semerket , I hope you will think that this is enough. I don't make any 'cliff-hanger-y' stuff this time. ;) And finally, for my dearest dead_cute , you know I love you.

The prequels: Obvious , Denial and a Shade of Jealousy

And the 'quel' @ my journal.

Fic: A Sense of Deja Vu - Part 6/?

Title: A Sense of Deja Vu 6/?
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU & Grey’s Anatomy - crossover
Pairing: Olivia/Alex & Izzie/Addison
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: Set in NY, two old friends, Alex and Addison, find it difficult to communicate their feelings to their respective crushes. Multi chapter fic.

Spoilers: Starts after season 3 in Grey’s Anatomy and after Alex’s return to SVU during season 10.

In case you missed them
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4 / Part 5

Part 6

Giani - This is the last time

Fandom: Venice the series
Pairing: Giani (Gina and Ani)
Artist: Keane
Song: This is the last time
POV: Ani's
A/N: May not be very good due to the lack of clips but I just couldn't wait to make my first Giani video lol. Hopefully there'll be more clips soon and the video's will get better...
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Once Upon a Dream 8/?

Title: Once Upon a Dream 8/?
Author: Kelinswriter
Rating: NC-17 (for lots of things)
Summary: Starts with the infamous scene with the OPT Pregnancy Test. Spins off from there into its own little universe.
Disclaimer: CBS, P&G, Telenext et. al. owns these characters; I'm just taking them off the shelf and playing with them for a while.
WARNING: I'm told this chapter is monster intense. If you are at all sensitive to violence, stay away. I'M NOT KIDDING. Please note that any medical errors are my own.

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The bodyguard (Emily/Elle, Criminal Minds)

Title: The Bodyguard
Author: happier_here
Rating: R (mentions of violence and sex)
Show: Criminal minds
Pairing: Emily / Elle
Spoilers: Fisher King, Honor among thieves / pre-Demonology (but mentiones John Cooley)
Summary: Elle now owns a security company. The Prentisses are her new clients. Elle meets Emily.
Author's Notes: This takes place a week before Demonology. I assume that Demonology takes place in January (snow...). Emily is at her parents place, and meets her predecessor.

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