December 28th, 2009

Emma Frost

Crimson Dusk (Prologue)

Title: Crimson Dusk
Rating: M-rated for violence and sex in later chapters.
Pairing: Miranda/Andy, Andy/? (I hesitate at using OC in place of '?' because if any viewers are familiar at all with Greek mythology, then.. Well, you'll find out soon enough.)
Summary: What if Andy was more than she seemed when she worked for Miranda, hiding beneath the guise of something so different than to what she truly was?
Beta: Kerowyn (AKA seelyfey)
Disclaimer: I don't own DWP or the characters within them. Hell, I don't even really own one of the more important secondary characters in this.. but I suppose the appearance and portrayal of that said character do indeed belong to me.
Author's Note #1: This is a response to a prompt that had been made on the DWP Original Ficfest some months back.
Prompt: Andy is a vampire and really royalty among her kind. She worked for Miranda in rebellion against her royal heritage, and she only quit because people were threatening Miranda's well being. Flash forward X amount of time: Miranda gets used as leverage against Andy in Royal vampire intrigue.

In that instant, I felt a different type of hunger flowing through my veins, and I pressed my fingers against my lips to hide what I was sure were my fangs elongating with desire.
Smile for me- Nathan/Adam

Sabotage Ch 28

New chapter, enjoy.  Just one more chapter left!

Pairing:  Emily/JJ

Author’s note:  Well since you all seem to have Birthdays around the same days, you’re all going to kill me, ;]

 Rating: pg-15, Swearing like a sailor on leave… ;]

Summary:  Emily finds someone she hasn’t seen in 11 years.  A different world from  Criminal Minds as we know it, besides Emily/JJ being together I have changed a bit to fit the story but it is all in good fun so please don’t hate or sue me for it I own none of the characters, show, etc.

Disclaimer:  Not mine, the song and characters belong to someone else.  .  Oh and major angst, as requested so I hope you all can handle it.  ;]  Also self beta


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Venice: "Speaking Without Words" 2/3

Title: "Speaking Without Words" 2/3
Author: Chrissie aka itsalovestory
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gina/Ani from Venice the series
Spoilers: None
Summary: Gina runs into Ani at The Grille and one thing leads to another.
A/N: This takes place before the first episode. POV alternates. There will be one more part after this as my muse decided not to let this night go quite yet.



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[NCIS Fic] Taking Chances (1/8) - Abby/Ziva

Title: Taking Chances
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, L.J. Gibbs, Jenny Sheppard, Tony DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Eli David
Category: Drama, Action, Romance
Genre: Slash
Prompt: #1 Beginnings
Word Count: (Total) 15,148
Spoilers: Very mild ones for 3.17 "Ravenous" but it veers off from the episode very quickly.
Summary: Ziva invites Abby over for dinner. Romance and complications ensue.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note: Heh. What to say? This author's note might get to be longer than the entire fic. :p  First up, a big thanks to ncruuk . Her comments not only pointed out some stylistic choices I hadn't thought about before, but also kept me laughing through the whole thing. I actually enjoyed the whole editing process. I don't think that's every happened to me before.

Second of all, if you think you've read this fic before, you would be right.  I started this fic in March of  '06 and wrote the first three parts before I got stuck and stopped writing it. I always meant to come back to it, but it just never quite worked out. When I realized it was the last fic I had to complete to finish fanfic100 I decided it was really time to buckle down. Plus I rather like the symmetry of this being the first fic I started for fanfic100 and the last I finished.  

The first three parts are where the fic stalled out, but they've been re-written in parts and just now beta'd for the first time.  After that, it's all new!

Onwards to Part One.
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FIC: Metronome 11/?

TITLE: Metronome
PAIRING: Catherine/Sara
SUMMARY: One pushes and the other pulls. What will it take to get them on the same page?
DEDICATION: This was and still is for wonkots42 who is my everything
A/N: I wrote this story almost five years ago, but it's not archived anywhere and I've never posted it here so...let's pretend it's new, okay?

[Part 1 - Prologue] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

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