August 21st, 2018

Voyager fics

Hi guys i'm looking for a couple of fics with the borg infant and the only scenes i remember may be from the same fics but im going to seprate them as if they weren't cause its been years since i read voyager fic unitl recently.

1. B'Elanna builds a crib for the baby to regenrate in and seeing seven with the kids triggers something with in her

2 seven has to fight a member of the infants speices to the death in order to keep her as the race will kill her for being borg and not pure or imperefect.

3 B'Elanna helps seven with the kids. I think she offers to watch them so seven can rest.

4 its a long shot seven and Torres are mated when seven emoitons effect her and the kids are exprincing the same issue and they regenrate often because of it. I think voyager is close to a space event happening. I think janeway is dateing someone and a mother to both seven and torres.

Ill take recammendtion of stories to. I admit that for voyager and sg-1 fanfiction i only went to p&p and mainly p&p so i know im missing great stories. I like t/7 but im open to others thanks for any help.