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Title: Privilege
Fandom: Charlie's Angels
Pairing: Kelly/Sabrina
Summary: Kelly reflects on her relationship with Sabrina
Rating: PG

12:30 a.m.

I watch you sleep. Your forehead creases in dream stress, your mouth pouts.

Your hair caresses the line of your jaw. Each breath you take moves the sheet at

your breast causing it to tremble. A siren goes by. It rouses you for a moment

and you nearly wake. Then you whimper, turn to your side, and bring your thumb to

your lips. I almost laugh. If Kris and Bosley could see you now....

3 a.m.

Sleep eludes me. I think of our conversation last night. I think of the

picture album. Scenes of Sabrina. You as a baby. You on the private school

soccer team. You winning the equestrian trophy on your very own horse. How

different our lives have been. I played in the streets, went to an orphanage school, never had a pet.
Daddy paid for your education. I took out loans

and went for scholarships. Sometimes I think I resent you. But how can you

resent someone you love? I watch you sleep.
4:15 a.m.

The moon is full and in clear view from the window. We have to work today

--I need to sleep. Instead, I think about us. How fortunate for me that

you sought me out. I wonder: What do you want? What do I want? I watch you

5:05 a.m.

The darkness is fading to gray. You mumble something, then reach out for me.

I draw you close. Your breath is warm against my neck. I think about the

bodies we have killed and maimed on assignments. Why do I think of that now--

with you warm and alive beside me? I shake my head to clear my thoughts, and

I see your image from the picture album. Homecoming Queen. Most Likely to

Succeed. Graduating magna cum laude. Success seemed guaranteed to you from

birth. Mine was always a question. But I made it. Against the odds I made

it. I want to shake you awake and tell you this. Instead, I watch you sleep.
7 a.m.

The alarm clock rings. I reach to silence it. My arm is numb from

holding you. You yawn and smile at me, kiss me on the cheek. The harsh

morning light does nothing to diminish your beauty. I touch your face--

the so smooth skin. You rise from the bed to begin your day and I watch

you. What a watch you
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