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Fic: Cold (Cold Case/Ghost Whisperer/Gothika) Prologue+Chapter 1/?

by Erin Griffin
Fandom: Cold Case/Ghost Whisperer/Gothika
Pairing: Chloe Sava/Miranda Grey and Melinda Gordon/Lilly Rush eventually.
Rating: R for language, violence, murder, some scariness
Summary: Lilly Rush is given a case of a seventeen year old murder. The victim, Leslie Woods, doesn't want her murder solved, in fact, she wants Lilly stopped. In an urgent search for someone who could see her, she finds both Miranda Grey, still new to her gifts as a medium, and Melinda Gordon from her hometown in Grandview. Both mediums are determined to figure out what Leslie wants, and what exactly happened the night she died.
Disclaimer: I do not own Cold Case, Gothika, Ghost Whisperer and Allison Dubios, who is mentioned once or twice in this story.
Spoilers: I know that a lot of things will be different for the story. It doesn't follow Cold Case or Ghost Whisperer's formula to the exact, nor does everything that has happened to the characters get mentioned. This takes place after Jim Clancy has crossed over, after the movie of Gothika, and I would say after Lilly was shot.
Author's Note: The basic of the story came about from a Ghost Whisperer conversation I had with Alkimon, and he also asked the one question that had me think about this crossover.

Prologue: October 1992

By the glow of a single flickering candle, Leslie Woods bent over a small, light blue diary. She scribbled what she could in a short amount of time, trying her best to get everyhting she could out on paper in case she survived. In case she didn't. The more fear she felt, the faster her hand moved over the paper. There was very little concern for her hand writing, as she felt that he was near. As long as she got everything written down, she didn't care. If she survived, she'd know what she had written. If she didn't... No one will, and the secret will be gone- safe perhaps- for good....

There was a shout and a bang. Leslie gasped, then shook in her spot. She looked up for a second for the sounds again, but it had been quiet. She looked out the window and saw a new car in her driveway. She wrote faster now, finishing her thought. Her spine became cold as she heard the door to her home opening below. She prayed that it wasn't her daughter coming home. She felt bad that she hadn't come to get her, but Cassie was safer where she was. She hastily stuck a small shiny peice of metal inside the diary after putting in the last sentence, and then she hid the diary behind a trunk of her grandparents' clothing, between it and the wall. Leslie forced herself to slow her breathing in order to quiet herself. Though she had just run over two miles from her abandoned car to her home and away from the one persuing her, she knew it was her only chance for survival if he didn't think to look for her up here. She blew out the candle, but she knew that it was probably too late. There was a window there, and he would have seen the glow from it. Though she often thought otherwise, he wasn't stupid.

Leslie could hear the thuds around her house as he searched for her. Slowly they seemed to get louder as he walked from the first floor to the second, searching the rooms and closets. It wouldn't be long before he saw the square cut out of the ceiling in the upper foyer, which lead to the attic where she hid. From here she had nowhere to run. She prayed that he would only stick his head in and take a quick sweep, but she knew that he was more thourough than that. He would come fully in, and she knew that she wouldn't survive. As the flap opened, she let a tear fall, knowing that she wouldn't see her daughter or her mother again. She regretted everything that brought her to this point in time, wishing she had left everything alone. She didn't want the blood from their deeds to get on her hands as well, and she knew that she couldn't just sit down and do nothing. But she wished she had. She wanted to be selfish and wish she never tried to make things right, just so that she could take Cassie to the zoo that weekend like she had promised.

"I know you're in here, you little bitch," he said. He was out of breath, but he seemed to find the joy in hunting her like deer. He banged on the wall loudly. He was closer to Leslie than she thought. Man, he moved quickly. She put a hand over her mouth to stifle any gasp she would make. Leslie looked across the room and saw the opened window, and she stared out at the sliver of moon that was slightly hidden by a tree. She felt something against her head, and she froze. "Tag, you're it," he said. "Stand up!" Leslie did as told, her eyes tear streaked.

"Please," she said, backing up slowly.

"Tell me where it is!" He advanced on her. Though his face was now masked, she knew who was beneath it. She knew because the mask had been put on sometime during the chase through the woods.

"I don't have it!"

"You do! Tell me where it is!"

"I'm telling you the truth-" there was a shuffle and a scream before a sickening thud was heard.

Police sirens covered the long driveway; a small child huddled against an old woman as they watched a black bodybag go by them.


A masculine head shook sadly as he carried a box of evidence into the storage space marked 'L. Woods- '94' on the outside of it. The officer placed this box with the thousands of others before he turned around and walked quickly out of there, as the storage area always gave him the creeps. He felt bad that yet another case had gone cold.

Chapter 1

***Seventeen Years Later***

Detective Lilly Rush walked alongside a very tall African American man she'd handcuffed, and she stuffed him into the policecar. The lights and sirens blared loudly in the peaceful neighborhood. She locked eyes with him as he was taken away, and she looked over to the side. There, she saw a small African American little boy walking away from the scene, dribbling a red dodgeball right before he faded away. She stared at this spot for another moment or two as the police walked around her and started to drive away as well. Lilly felt a hand on her shoulder. She gasped. "Are you alright?" Scotty asked her. She turned to him and gave a meek smile, shaking herself out of what must have been yet another hallucination. She took in a deep breath of air, and Scotty draped his arm around her shoulder. "Come on. Let's get back to the station for a bit. You look like you could use some rest."

"I'm fine," Lilly insisted, finally fully out of it. She wasn't sure what 'it' really was, but she knew that for the last few years, ever since she had joined the Cold Case unit, she had seen these illusions. She used to think that they were her imagination patting her on the back for a job well done, a case finally closed, but lately, she wasn't so sure anymore. Even when she wasn't thinking about it, she would see them, the victims right before they'd disappear. It used to happen every other case or so, but now it was like she saw it all the time. She wondered if maybe this was her sign to take a small vacation, but she coudln't ever bring herself to ask for that time off, not after the time she'd taken after she was shot. She tried to pretend not to see these illusions, but it only made it worse somehow. These thoughts plagued her on the way back to the station, ad she was glad that Scotty insisted on driving.

Lilly looked at the clock as soon as she they got inside the building and made their way towards the offices. She decided to take a breather by sitting at her desk before driving home for the night, but regretted that desision immediately, as the phone on her desk started to ring. She brought the phone to her ear, but all she heard was a static so loud that she had to take it away from her ear an inch or two. "Detective Lilly Rush," she greeted. No one answered. "Hello?" she called into the phone, wondering if someone needed to buy a new cellphone plan. A couple of seconds later, she heard a voice respond to her.

"Hello?" It was so faint, Lilly almost didn't hear what was being said, and she thought that it might have been a radio wave that had been picked up.

"Hello?" she called again.

"Hello?" Lilly heard it this time, a little louder, but not by much. "Detecti-" The phone call was cut off, and the static was gone, replaced by the dull dialtone. Lilly looked at the phone for a display, but there wasn't one. She frowned and looked at her partner, who had been there.

"I don't know what that was," she said, puzzled.

"Neither do I. I have never heard for that to happen. Maybe they will call back when they have better reception."

"Yeah," Lilly replied absently. She took one last look at the phone and then she picked up her coat. "Well, whether or not they decide to call back, they will have to put it on the answering machine."

"What if it is an emergency?" Scotty asked, and Lilly stopped for a second. She sat back in her desk. "Alright..." she said as she thought about this. If someone needed her, she wasn't sure why a cold case would be a matter of life and death, but she had experianced some interesting things while on the job. "I will give them a half an hour to call back. Then I will go home."

"No, I'll wait. You go." Scotty said. She smiled at him gratefully and put her coat back on.

"Thank you so much. This has been too long of a day," Lilly said. She waved to him before leaving the building, guiding herself through what little traffic there was, and getting home before the clock switched over to midnight. She put some catfood in Olivia and Terri (AKA Cyclops and Tripod)'s dishes before going to her bedroom, leaving the door open an inch. In a few minutes, they will join her and wrestle her for the best parts of the bed.

Too tired to even consider undressing, she slept in her clothes and fell asleep almost immediately.

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