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Halloween Site Update

It's been a while since we've had a themed site update, so I thought to rectify the situation we could have a special Halloween themed update to lead us into the wintry months. So, if you have a story, graphic or video that would qualify - spooky, gory, ghouly etc. - please can you submit it to the site no later than the morning of the 30th October and put Halloween Submission in the subject header.

Submissions for fandoms dealing with the supernatural or magical: Wicked, The Hollows, Buffy etc. would be especially welcome.

Talking of The Hollows, the fandom will be getting its own page in the next update (the one before the Halloween update) and, as usual, I need to make or procure a suitable banner. However, unlike most of the other fandoms, I don't have any faces to put to the characters. So I was wondering, what would scream Hollows fic to you? (banner image wise)
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