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Singular Serenade [super light R]

-South Of Nowhere
-Start of Season Three. Angst. Sexual stuff. Originally written for this porn battle.
-And no one cared about her heart breaking, so Kyla left for Gray's and for drinking and for dancing.
-super light R

She couldn't stand the sounds drifting down the hallway, tender moans from a boy she once had and whimpering from a sister she could barely claim.

And no one cared about her heart breaking, so Kyla left for Gray's and for drinking and for dancing.
Because zen only lasts so long - then you just crack up, shatter into a million pieces and no two-dollar Buddha can put you together again.

The bar is flush with children and she feels so old all of a sudden and every pair of eyes she meets seems youthfully unaware of what has gone down.
And she'd love to meet some cool guy - someone who doesn't know how the prom went and someone who doesn't know how lives got torn apart... on a sidewalk, in the middle of the night.
She'd love to meet that man and she'd love to be his someday-bride.

But Kyla catches a flash of familiar blue eyes and the only thought that rushes to her brain is a traitorous one.

Or maybe even meet a girl like Spencer. I could fall in love with a girl like Spencer.

Her first friend, first real friend, in L.A. - Spencer Carlin didn't let Ashley dictate and didn't let Ashley steamroll. Spencer Carlin was her first real friend in the city of angels and Kyla is eternally grateful.
Lost and lonely, Kyla needed someone in those days.

And now, lost and lonely, Kyla needs someone.
Kyla needs Spencer these days.

Blonde hair caught by every spinning light, smelling of oranges and of vanilla, a sheepish smile and a sure hand - Spencer agrees to dance with Kyla and so they do.
And somewhere between the fourth or fifth song, they lose inches of space and they are all-together too close.
And somewhere between the tab at the bar and the cool night air, they lose whatever innocent intentions they might have had and they are not even out the door yet...

But Kyla needs Spencer like no other and Spencer - eyes closed, lips swollen, looking like the very best anyone could ever get... Spencer kisses Kyla first.

Nowhere is safe to go - not home, with Aiden and Ashley playing at forever... not the Carlins, who would see their daughter trapped in some messed-up merry-go-round of Davies lovers... but what they are doing isn't safe and it isn't right - it is just tonight, it is just once, it is just comfort in a world set out to burn them.

And in Kyla's car, the driver gone, they share air and they kiss so slowly and they touch like skin is precious and they moan when tongues push deep... Spencer cries when Kyla presses hard with the palm of her hand, wetness there and salty wetness above. Kyla cries silent tears when Spencer caresses her breasts through soft satin.

And they do it - the unspeakable, the amazing, the only thing they ever could have done on this night.
And Kyla smells like oranges and vanilla and it lingers on her body like a blanket... and she wonders if Ashley will pick up the scent.

Spencer kisses her good-night and blue eyes start to dim and Kyla has never seen anything more beautiful than her only true friend walking away after doing something so wrong.

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