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Lunar Soul Ch 10

Well I think I love this picture, and made this icon so that now it can work for the story.  But anyway, I have a few chapters that are ready to go so this won't be the last.  I hope to also post updates on my other stories soon.  Otherwise enjoy!

Title: A Lunar Soul 

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia, Olivia/*its a surprise*

Rating: R- for well something I would never write,

  Characters, show, actors, etc. do not belong to me, I am not making any money so please don't  sue.  Thanks.

Author's Note: An AU in which Natalia and Olivia meet under different circumstances.  Some things still the same, some not.  Natalia's storyline is changed the most, she is a cop.  

Beta- Q.

Ch 10

Olivia knew that she needed to talk to someone, someone who would understand her or at least not judge her for what was going on.  She knew only a few knew about her and Cassie, well more like only one other person, and that’s because they were lovers.  ‘Well closer to fuck buddies but that isn’t a polite title.’  Olivia thought with a smile as she knew how impolite their relationship really was… and how enjoyable.  She looked at the name on the door to city hall and wasn’t surprised at how busy the woman seemed, after all she was the mayor of Springfield.  And even though her schedule could never fit her, her aides always knew that when Olivia came around the mayor would be occupied for a good hour…’at least.’ 

            “Come in.”  Doris Wolf said as she continued her phone conference.  She was just about to get the governor to bend to her will until… Olivia ‘freaking’ Spencer walked into the room.  Even though she didn’t intend to a smile slowly emerged.  “Well Governor, I’ll get back to you with those numbers.”  She said as she hung up the phone and looked at the gorgeous green eyed women enter her office.  The one thing she never expected was that she wanted to… talk.  It had been a while since they… and even though Olivia mostly dated men, she knew that she hadn’t been tied with anyone for a long time.  And Olivia Spencer needed a good… fuck.

            “Well Doris, first off this isn’t that kind of visit.  I need to talk to someone, and since we are more then just… well you know… for this situation you are the only person I can come to with this.”  Olivia said, knowing that look in the mayor’s eyes all too well.  She had enjoyed several hours of being the cause for that look.  And even though she was focused on her current situation, she did feel acutely aware of how long it had been since she had been good and laid. 

            “Alright… we can talk.  But only you can drink, I prefer not to get in trouble like the last time we had a good conversation.”  Doris said as she pushed the button to call one of her assistants.  “Hilda… hold my meetings I’m having lunch with Ms. Spencer.”  She heard her assistant acknowledge her wishes and knew that her schedule would be cleared for a good hour at least.  “Shall we?”  Doris said as she got up and motioned Olivia to lead the way.


Ten minutes later they were at a hotel just outside of city limits, the one right next to a great bar Doris loved to go to for a girl’s night out and to pick up an expensive bottle of vodka they always bought extra for her.  She had already picked up the vermouth to make a good martini for Olivia.

            “Oh please tell me you remembered…”  Olivia asked before she was interrupted by the one thing every martini needed.

            “You never make a martini for Olivia Spencer without olives.”  Doris said with an evil grin.  She knew that Olivia figured out that she wanted this to be more than just a talk between ‘friends’ but what was better was that Olivia seemed to want it just as much as Doris.



Forty minutes later both women had their clothes off and were moaning, begging, and enjoying each other.  Olivia was the last one to come down from her high.  She knew that she shouldn’t have, but the sex did help clear her head a little.  “Mmmhmm wow, you never… disappoint Doris Wolf.”

            “Well that was a part of my campaign slogan.  So… you wanted to… talk?”  Doris said, trying to catch her breath.  She had never met someone as vivacious as herself, and she enjoyed every minute of it.  But she also knew that they could never work.  And that was something she respected about Olivia, she wasn’t clingy and knew just as well as she did without having her say it.  This was just sex, and well… friendship, and not a whole lot else.

            “Ya… I did.  I think I’m starting to fall for another straight woman.”  Olivia said, knowing her plight would be difficult.  She knew Natalia was a cop, and with that came an open-mindedness that few people had.  But she also knew she was religious, and from what she knew, that religion disowned people like… herself.

            “You really never learn… do you?  Do you remember what happened with Cassie?  Do you remember how much it hurt when she not only had to move away but that she never admitted to you or anyone that you shared a relationship?”  Doris said, knowing how much that had hurt Olivia.  It took Olivia a while just to trust her, let alone talk to her after sex.  There was an intimacy that Olivia had never allowed due to the relationship she had had with Cassie. She had had issues with men, but not the same kind with Cassie.  It seemed to hurt her more, even though she never allowed herself to love the blonde woman, because if she had… well Doris didn’t want to think about what would have been then.

            “Ya… I know, but the thing is… it’s different.  I don’t know what to say, or even how to explain she is just… different.  God, does this even make sense?”  Olivia asked, more confused than ever.

            “Oddly enough yes, but if you think things can be different then the real question is if she can feel the same, what then?  You did have a… relationship, but you were never able to go beyond a crucial stage.  If this woman already has you this confused, what will happen when you both surpass your last relationship?  I think these are the questions you need to figure out, and I don’t mean know the exact answer.  I am talking about preparing just to simply be in a place to ask them.  Because it is a lot harder to ask the question than it is to find the answer.”  Doris said.

            “Damn… I think I should’ve just kept the pleasant feeling from the mind blowing sex rather than talking about my new crush.”  Olivia said, more confused than ever.  

            “Well we could always end on a happy note?”  Doris said with a smile as she moved off her back and turned to move above her lover and made sure it was a great ending.


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