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10 Ch 16

New chapter, same concept.  Found my muse.  Yay!

Title: 10

Pairing: JJ/Emily,

Rating: PG-13 for now.  :]

Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am not making any money.

Summary:  Emily and JJ, an alternate time line for their meeting. 

Beta: Just me for now.    :]

Author’s Note:  This is just me playing with their back story.  Harmless fun.  The second time they meet.  I’m hopeful it will be just as good as the first.  Sequel to Call me…

Ch 16

            “So who should meet up with them?”  SSA Jackson asked as he looked at his team, he knew who wanted to but the ones who should and who would might be different.

            “It’s my case, and I was the first to…”  Carina said before she was interrupted.

            “That’s great but we made the deal with them so it should be Emily and I.”  JJ said, cutting the redhead off.

            “No, hell no!  This is my case, you just stumbled onto it like a drunken idiot!”  Carina said, looking at the blonde with rage and disbelief.  “I’m the lead DEA agent thus…”

            “Enough!  Carina, you and Jason’ll be in the van while JJ and I take the meet.  They know who we are, we need to get a feel who they are.  And that will be done best by Agent Jareau and I.”  Emily said, seeing the pleased look in Jackson’s face which meant that he would gladly make it an order.

Carina tried to stare down Emily but she already knew she lost because she had seen this look before, thus she broke contact and loudly got her stuff together and went to the van.  “Let’s go Evans!”

Jason smiled at both Prentiss and Jareau as he followed Agent Smith out to the van.

Emily watched Carina walk all the way out of the room and then turned to JJ.  “Agent Jareau, would you mind helping me pack for our meeting?”  Emily said as she walked to the supply room.  She didn’t bother to look at JJ but she knew she was on her heels.  Once JJ was in the room Emily closed the door.  “JJ we need to…”  Emily started before she was pushed up against the closed door and kissed by the blonde agent.  “So I take it that this means you forgive me?”

            “No, we still need to… talk about that but what you just did was amazing.”  JJ said with a smile.  JJ turned and then began to gather some supplies for their meet with the local detectives.  She was still upset with Emily, but she was getting over that fact fairly quickly.  Now that she was an agent, she understood why Emily did what she did.  “So what do you think, the watch or the ear piece?” 

            “Both, just in case we get somewhere loud.”  Emily said still a little surprised and saddened by the info.   She knew that JJ could switch off between agent and person, but she was worried about what would happen when this case was over.  But for now she buried this within herself to continue the case without any distractions.


            “I called Darius, he’ll be here soon.”   Nikki said to Nora as they waited for the agents to come meet with them.  She really hoped it would be just the brunette because the redhead would be too much of a distraction for her to focus.  They were both beautiful, but there was an edge to that woman that thrilled and intrigued Nikki.  She knew she was trouble and Nikki also knew that was because she had a thing for bad girls.  Nora was the only exception to that, but even she had her moments.

            “I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.  We shouldn’t play all of our cards since we don’t know if we should trust them.”  Nora said to her partner.  She knew that they should give them trust, but how much they deserve will depend on how much they give them. 

            “Well believe me we aren’t showing our full hand yet, but yes I did agree with you, that we should wait to bring in Darius but he was adamant about coming.  I’m not sure, but I think he has something planned, something he couldn’t tell me over the phone.”  Nikki told Nora.

            “Well then, this should be interesting.”


            “Are we good on coms?”  Emily asked before they entered the building, luckily they had done a sweep to make sure it wasn’t a trap, but they were still walking themselves into a situation completely and utterly blind.  If these cops were dirty, then there was no way they would come out of this unharmed.  Emily was prepared to put her life on the line, but she wasn’t prepared to put JJ’s life on the line again.

            “Good to go Phoenix.”  Jason said.

JJ and Emily looked at each other for a moment before JJ put her hand on the door and turned the knob.  Within this warehouse was the key to their case, the only uncertainty was whether it was their undoing or their salvation.

            “Good to see you again.”  Nora said to the brunette as she walked into their warehouse where they first interviewed her.

            “So it’s just the two of you correct?”  Emily said as she looked around.

            “An informant of ours is coming as well.  We figured since you would bring another agent of your, we should bring ours.”  Nikki said to the woman that Nora addressed.  “So do we get your real names or just code names?  Because you certainly know ours.”

            “You can call me JJ.  And this, as you know is Emily, but I think that is all the time we have for pleasantries.  We should get to the point of this meeting.  We have an in to the club but we are currently hitting a wall.”  JJ said getting down to the case at hand.

            “Well as you might know we have some information about your case and about a lose end within our department.”  Nikki said as she began to hear foot steps behind her.  She hoped it was Darius and not a trap.

            “We have better then that ladies, we have a plan.”  Darius said as he joined the bunch and gave them the plan that he had already put into place.



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