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Beta Request

Since my current fanfiction is flowing quite nicely, I'm now anxious to dust off and get Four Days, One Room completed before Somebody's Watching, Somebody's Waiting. So for anyone who doesn't mind beta reading a House/Criminal Minds crossover or you're a fan of the current A.J. Cook/Katheryn Winnick pairing of SWSW, I would appreciate it. The entire Four Days story is completed incase you're wondering, I just need one more beta to give it the stamp of approval. There's only two more days left (click on the link to know what I mean by that).

Also while I'm at it, I might as well reserve betas for the next fics I'm going to be posting after those two. So if you're reading this and want to beta some shameless smut involving a number of characters, you can reserve a spot right here. Or if you don't mind waiting even longer, I have a fanfiction called Time After Time that's going to be the mother of all crossovers.
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