ralst (ralst) wrote in passion_perfect,

New Yahoo group

The P&P family of sites has just been expanded to include a Yahoo group.

As per all the other members of P&P it is for femslash and femslash related topics, but being an e-mail group it allows discussions to flow in a way that isn't always possible on a community or web-site. I know groups have been out of vogue for a while now but I still think that they have a unique role to play in spreading the femslash love, and I can't believe I hadn't created one before now.


Membership is moderated, to avoid spam etc., but as long as you're not trying to sell reduced price Viagra or are a known troll, you'll be accepted *g*

P.S. If you're going somewhere where you can't get easy access to the web, but still receive your e-mail, a group is perfect.
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