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The Complete Story of Olivia and Natalia

I'm sitting here sipping a Grey Goose Dirty Martini with extra Olives waiting not-so-patiently for the premiere episode of Venice the Series to arrive on my computer. I'm excited! The moment die hard Otalia fans have waited for is almost here!

While I'm waiting, I decided to read [info]cabenson's fabulous Ship Manifesto on Otalia. This is must-see reading material for Otalia fans and anyone else even slightly interested in what all the hoopla was all about. It's absolutely excellent.

After reading this manifesto, you may want to watch some clips, so I wanted to tell you about a little project I've been working on for sometime. When I first "found" Otalia, the hardest thing was finding all the old clips to piece their story together. I decided I'd make my own playlists, and I've scanned You Tube for months looking for the best quality clips and putting them in order so I could watch the story unfold from start to finish. They are as complete as I can make them. While I may tweak these lists from time to time, they are finally ready to share. The 2009 playlist is by OtaliaHD. I didn't do a 2009 playlist because it would be hard to improve on her work, but I've included it here to complete Liv and Nat's story. I want to thank all the clippers who have shared their work with us. They have allowed us to view (and continuing viewing) this most remarkable love story. These lists would not be possible without them.

Olivia, Natalia, and Emma had their first scenes together on Oct 29,2007. This was Jacqueline Tsirkin's first episode as Emma. The following playlists start on this date.

Olivia and Natalia's Scenes:

Oct-Dec 2007
Jan-Mar 2008
Apr-June 2008
July-Sept 2008
Oct-Dec 2008
Jan-Sept 2009

And for those of you who have fallen madly in love with Olivia (like me) or Natalia and want to learn more about their backstories, here are some earlier clips:

Olivia's Scenes from Guiding Light: Sept 2005 - Mar 2006
Olivia's Scenes from Guiding Light: Apr 2006 - Feb 2007
Olivia and/or Natalia's Scenes from Guiding Light: Mar - May 2007
Olivia and/or Natalia's episodes: Jun-Oct 2007

TeleNextMedia has been posting full HQ episodes of Guiding Light starting June 2007. Here they are in chronological order. These episodes almost go back to when Natalia first came to Springfield Apr 24, 2007.

June - Dec 2007
Jan - March 2008
April - June 2008
July - Sept 2008

TeleNextMedia continues to post new eps. I'll keep adding them as long as they post them.

The link in my links list also will take you to these playlists. (see sidebar or click on this link)

Cheers and Happy Viewing! I hope you love these two as much as I do!

ETA: Updated links 12/13/09.
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