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A State of Grace (6b/?) - Xena post-FIN


Pairing: Gabrielle/Xena (Classic)
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Rating: This part M(15+) for coarse language and violence. Overall, NC-18.
Summary: Set about a year-and-a-half post-finale. Gabrielle is back in Greece after her time in Egypt. She's headed to Thebes to watch Sappho perform. Xena, as always, is at her heels. A guest appearance is made. This is NOT a ghost story.
Spoliers: In particular, Many Happy Returns and A Friend in Need I & II, but this is post-FIN so everything is up for grabs.

A/N: THIS ENTIRE PART IS A FLASHBACK. (I was going to do the whole thing in italics, but it made my neck hurt with constant tipping. However, thoughts are still in italics.) Please brace yourselves - we're in for a bumpy ride. Once upon a time…

Onward to my journal: ( The serpent of the khamaseen raised its windy head, crawled over her body with sibilant suffocation, forced sand into her clothes, her nostrils, her mouth. )
Tags: xena

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