nightlife-eyes (hynotic_n_crazy) wrote in passion_perfect,

Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco - WMC Lindsay/Cindy

Fandom: Women's Murder Club
Pairing: Lindsay/Cindy
Rating: G
Summary: AU The build up & break down of a relationship. "She knows Lindsay cares about her but knows she also somewhat of a trial run as to what Lindsay can and can’t live with about herself." C/L
A/N: really i'm not all that sure where this came from, any mistakes are mine, hell all the mistakes are mine, any feedback would be appreaciated, it's a lot more angsty than i usually do, i usually always give my girls happy endings but all you angst bunnies will probably be disappointed and the fluff babies won't be happy with me either. if people like it that's great if they don't well that's not so great. it doesn't really follow any cannon events at all so there's no spoilers.
Tags: women's murder club

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