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wmc jill/lindsay Xmas and Murder Pt 2

Title Christmas and Murder
pairing Lindsay and Jill
rating 15 yrs
disclaimer I don't own any of the fictional characters in any way shape or form.
A/N No disrespect is intended towards the little people of our

Jill couldn't help laughing and only stopped when Lindsay raised a disapproving eyebrow. Guiltily, the blonde stopped and asked,

“ Are you serious? Someone killed Claus?”

“ Down at the mall, he's sitting in his chair, dead.” Lindsay replied pulling on her boots.

“ Oh! So it's not Santa, it's one of those store Santas.” Jill said visibly relieved. Lindsay eyed her increduously then grinned,

“ God, you're cute.”

“ What? Because I don't want Santa dead?” Jill questioned. Lindsay leaned down and kissed her lightly,

“ No, because you believe in Santa.”

“ Don't you? “ Jill queried. Lindsay chuckled and kissed her nose then was gone. Jill lay back and contemplated taking a shower, preferably a cold one. The blonde exhaustedly closed her eyes then groaned as the phone rang. Checking the id display she groaned again, Denise Kwon.

Cindy bit the inside of her mouth as she viewed the crime scene and tried not to laugh. Yellow tape had been put up and the crowd was rumbling with shock, outrage, amusement and disbelief. Santa was dead, murdered with the North Pole. Cindy knitted her brows trying to decide how to word it in the newspaper. The fake North Pole, striped red and white had been used to clobber Santa. Basically, he had been bashed over the head with it.

“ Santa was killed with a giant candy cane?!” Jill asked as she walked up alongside the redhead.

“ No Jill, it's the North Pole.” Cindy whispered her lips quirking. Jill's eyes widened.

“ Where's Lindsay?”

“ Talking to the dwarfs.” Cindy giggled. Jill followed her gaze and nudged her friend.

“ Those aren't dwarfs, they're elves.” she corrected walking under the tape to join Lindsay. Cindy lost it and spun around to hide her mirth. She knew this wasn't funny, a man had been murdered for god's sake.

Lindsay gave Jill a faint smile as she approached and then turned back to the man and woman elves. Jill schooled her expression trying not to lose sight of the fact that someone had been murdered. Already, she could visualize Hanson North playing to the jury on this one.

“ Ms. Bernhardt.”

“ Inspector.” Jill acknowledged.

“ This is Mr and Mrs Rabbit. They found – Santa- uh, Mr Sand.” Lindsay explained. Jill nodded with a great deal of concentration.

“ Actually, Jess found him.” the male elf supplied. Jill blinked and looked at his wife. Jessica Rabbit cringed,

“ I know I know, who would figure I'd meet someone with the last name Rabbit?”

Jill looked anywhere and everywhere but never at Lindsay. Her girlfriend kept her head down and trained on the woman while she silently begged Jill not to laugh.

“ Excuse me. “ Jill managed hurriedly walking away.

Lindsay turned back to the two elves and asked,

“ Did Santa have any enemies? I mean, Mr Sand.”

“ Sandman was everybody's friend.” Jessica repled teary eyed, “ We've worked every Christmas together for years now.”

“ So you were friends.”

“ I dated him before Pete.” Jessica answered. Lindsay nodded dumbly and glanced at the husband who looked furious,

“ He wouldn't leave her alone! Sandman was a letch! I told him to keep his paws off Jess!”

“ Mr Rabbit, when did you have words with him?” Lindsay asked as her head began spinning with the possibilities.

“ I caught him with Jess under the mistletoe last night at the group home's party.” Mr Rabbit said heatedly.

“ Where were you all night Mr Rabbit?”

“ After the party, I needed to cool off, so I drove Jess home. We had a fight.”

“ Just a little one! Pete gets so jealous! I told him it was just because it was Christmas and it meant nothing. But he was so angry, he needed to go for a drink.” Jessica supplied. Lindsay turned slightly as Jill rejoined them looking a little more composed.

Cindy watched as Claire arrived and gave her a nod. The medical examiner tilted her head and took in the scene silently. Cindy bit her lower lip as she watched Claire's eyes travel from Santa to the North Pole and over to where the elves were talking to Lindsay and Jill. The woman shook her head and didn't say a word. Cindy glanced at her friends and stared as a third dwarf arrived- elf- no this one was a dwarf. Her lips turned up as she saw Jill's reaction. The attorney was over tired and so ready to have a giggling fit. Cindy snickered as Jill moved away from the small group.

Lindsay eyed the teenager who was joining his parents. Hugging his dad, he looked at Lindsay suspiciously. Jessica rubbed his arm then introduced him to the Inspector.

“ Our son, Roger.”

“ I know, we loved the movie.” Mr Rabbit explained.

“ Of course you did.” Jill nodded as she came back over. Lindsay's eyebrows were lost in her hairline.The poor kid! Why would they name him Roger! A dwarf named Roger Rabbit?! Seriously!

“ Momma and Pops haven't done anything! Why all the questions?!” Roger demanded anxiously. Jill frowned as the three all began talking excitedly. Cindy had crept closer and tried to hear what was happening and was joined by Jill.

“ Are they on helium?” Cindy whispered. Jill chuckled and pulled the redhead farther away.

“ Ok fill me in.”

“ Off the record Thomas.”

“ Of course!”

“ Their names are Jessica, Peter and Roger Rabbit. They worked with Mr Sand, aka Santa, aka the Sandman, for years. Pete caught him kissing his wife last night. We're thinking, he might have brained him through the night.”

“ Jill, I said this was off the record, now give me the right story.” Cindy frowned.

“ Oh, I am.”

“ Get out of town?! Really?! “ Cindy squealed. Jill smirked,

“ Oh you're going to enjoy writing this one.”

Lindsay stared at Mr Rabbit and felt somewhat sorry for him. His wife was beginning to grasp what she was thinking.

“ My Pete wouldn't hurt a fly! “

“ Easy Jess.”

“ Where did you go last night Mr Rabbit?” Lindsay asked as both Jill and Claire came over.

“ To a bar near my home. Lots of people saw me, I never left.” he said worriedly.

“ What bar was this?”

“ Martini's. Real nice fellow, inherited the place from his dad.”

“ Mr Rabbit, I'm going to ask you to go downtown with me..”

“ No wait Pops didn't do anything! It was me! I saw him kiss her! I came here to have it out with him and lost my temper! We got into a shoving match and I fell against the display.. the next thing I knew Sands was dead... I killed Santa.” Roger exclaimed miserably. All were silent. Jessica hugged her son.

“ Roger- no, I came after you. He was alive after you left. I told him to leave us alone but he was threatening to get us fired! I hit him with the pole!”

“ Jess! Why!?”

“ Pete, he tried to kiss me again and I hit him!? Does it really matter? He's dead!” Jessica sobbed. Jill gazed at the woman wordlessly, her eyes filling up as she saw the family falling apart. Lindsay reluctantly took out her handcuffs as Claire looked on.


Papa Joe's was busy as the three women sat down and ordered their drinks. Cindy was laughing as they discussed the case. Despite the seriousness of the case, they couldn't help themselves. Lindsay looked up as Jill arrived. The blonde greeted her friends and kissed Lindsay's cheek as she slid into her seat.

“ Well, Claire determined he had a heart attack. Even though Jessica didn't kill him directly, we'll have to charge her. And maybe Roger too.” Lindsay sighed, “ I hate this.”

“ You think you've got problems, my headline is I saw Momma kissing Santa Claus last night.” Cindy giggled. After they stopped laughing, Jill groaned and wiped her eyes,

“ Well I can top that, In four months when this case goes to trial, I'll be famous for prosecuting the Easter Bunny for killing Santa Claus!”

Cindy choked on her drink as she burst into laughter. Claire pounded her on the back as they all snickered.

“ Cindy Loo, are you ok?! “ Jill chortled.


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