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wmc jill/lindsay Xmas and Murder Pt 1

Title xmas and murder
pairing lindsay / jill
rating 15 yrs old
disclaimer I do not own any of the characters in any way shape or form.
Summary xmas and a murder

Jill slowly rolled over and wearily eyed Lindsay who was asleep face down in her pillow. The blonde smiled and pressed a kiss to the inspector's bared shoulder before crawling out of bed. It was an ungodly hour but so necessary. She had promised Cindy and she always kept her promises. Jill rubbed her head trying to clear away the cobwebs as she stumbled into the shower. She muffled a yelp as the cold water hit her skin and she began mentally making a list. They wouldn't have much time.

Lindsay stirred in her sleep and instinctively reached for her favourite blonde and frowned finding the other side of the bed empty. Slowly she registered the movement in the darkened room.

“ Jill? “ she croaked in a sleep filled voice.

“ Hey sweetie, go back to sleep.” Jill whispered sitting on the edge of the bed. Lindsay pulled her down and kissed her hungrily,

“ Stay.” she ordered tugging at the blonde's robe. Jill bit her lip as her lover's hand ran up her side and settled over a breast. Lindsay easily rolled the blonde onto her back and lazily placed kisses down her torso. Jill groaned and managed to drag air into her lungs.

“ Cindy- I promised.”

“ Cindy who?” Lindsay asked biting gently down on an earlobe. Jill squirmed and asked,

“ Dr. Suess? You're quoting Suess? God Linds,- that feels so good-”

Lindsay chuckled and kissed the blonde until she was totally distracted and moving with her. Jill slowly opened her eyes panting heavily and gazed at Lindsay who smiled triumphantly,

“ You screamed.”

“ Stop! You weren't exactly quiet yourself!” Jill laughed as Lindsay hugged her affectionately. Jill sighed and kissed her lover slowly and groaned.

“ What's wrong?” Lindsay asked lightly nipping at her throat playfully. Jill pulled away and frowned but couldn't quite hide a smile.

“ Cindy. I've got to go.”

“ I know- ok, but wake me when you get back.”

“ Want to come with me?” Jill asked hopefully.

“ Already did.” Lindsay smirked. Jill grinned and swatted her arm as she got up. Sighing happily, Lindsay curled up under the blankets and soon drifted off.

Cindy was not amused and Jill had to work hard to appease her. Cindy eyed her and asked,

“ Exactly why are you so late?!”

“ Cindy-” Jill protested.

“ It had better be a good reason!”

“ Lindsay wanted to fool around. “ Jill responded meekly as her face reddened. Cindy's eyes widened and then she grinned,

“ Ok, that's a great reason!”

“ Yeah it is, isn't it.” Jill chuckled, “ And I have to wake her up when I get home so we can continue-”

“ Jill! TMI ! TMI ! “ Cindy laughed happy her friends had gotten together. She and Claire had seen the signs and even discussed the possibilities but neither had anticipated how incredibly well they complimented each other. Lindsay seemed to have relaxed and learned to play while Jill seemed to have calmed down and learned to trust. They really fit.

“ Ok Let's get down to business. We missed out on the midnight madness. Ah ah! I don't want to hear it.We missed that sale but it was for a good cause.” Cindy grinned hugging the blonde. Jill chuckled and pulled the redhead close.

“ Come on Thomas, The stores are open twenty four hours so let's do some damage! “

“ I love Christmas shopping. It's my favourite shopping of the year!” Cindy exclaimed.


Lindsay moaned as a hand slid along her bared spine and lips feathered kisses between her shoulder blades. With a sigh she smiled and asked,

“ How was your all night shopping spree?”

“ Wonderful, I got some great deals. Claire joined us around 5 am.” Jill murmured kissing the nape of Lindsay's neck. The raven haired beauty smiled contently. Jill moved the blankets aside.

“ Bernhardt, what are you up to?” Lindsay chuckled turning over. The blonde blatantly stared then smiled in an almost predatory manner. Lindsay watched wordlessly as the blonde began unbuttoning her top. A grin settled on her lips and Jill flashed a gorgeous smile,

“ Early Christmas gift.”

“ Then I should be the one unwrapping it.” Lindsay replied huskily stalling Jill's hands. Blue eyes watched as the inspector undid each button slowly. Lindsay watched as her girlfriend's eyes grew darker or at least seemed to.

“ Lift up baby.” she whispered reaching for the blonde's jeans. Jill smiled and obediantly did as she was told.


Claire blew lightly on her cup of coffee as Cindy muffled a chuckle and put away her phone. Raising an eyebrow she looked questioningly at her young friend. Cindy grinned and buttered her bagel.

“ I love Christmas! “

“ Somehow, I figured you might.” Claire teased. Cindy laughed and didn't mind the affectionate teasing.

“ Who were you trying to call? “

“ A certain blonde. I was going to see if she and Lindsay wanted to join us.”

“ She didn't answer?” Claire asked sipping her coffee. Cindy shook her head and grinned,

“ I would have to say, judging by our earlier talk this morning, that Jill is ignoring her phone.”

“ Ignoring her phone? Jill never ignors – oh! Oh! “ Claire chuckled.

“ Yep, our friends are probably doing the horizontal tango as we speak. “ Cindy laughed.

“ Cindy! Don't put those images in my head!”

“ They are cute together. Jill was hot and bothered the whole night. Yep, Lindsay is getting lucky right now!”

“ Stop, Cindy! Stop ! “ Claire gasped in between fits of laughter. Cindy grinned,

“ Don't you just love Christmas? “

“ Tis the season!” Claire agreed her eyes sparkling. The two friends continued eating their breakfast and talking about everything and anything. Across town two other women lay tangled together and breathing heavily. Both were close to sleep, spent. Lindsay's hand draped possessively around the blonde's back as Jill lay half on top of her. A smile flickered on Lindsay's lips as Jill murmured her name.

“ What baby? “ Lindsay asked softly.

“ That thing you just did?”

“ Hmm? “ Lindsay nodded with a smile remembering Jill unravelling.

“ Do it again?” Jill whispered sheepishly. Lindsay chuckled and asked,
“ Will it count as an early Christmas present?”

“ Linds-” Jill smiled.as her lover pinned her to the mattress. Lindsay looked at her and smiled softly then whispered,

“ Now, that thing I did...” Jill sucked air into her lungs then groaned as the phone rang, only this time it was Lindsay's.

“ Don't answer it.” she begged as Lindsay reached across her. Lindsay looked at her then her eyes widened. After she hung up, she turned to Jill.

“ I've got to go to work.”

“ What happened? “

“ Someone killed Santa.” Lindsay said getting out of bed.


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