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wmc jill/lindsay Xmas and Murder Pt 3

Title Xmas and Murder
pairing Lindsay/Jill
rating 15 yrs
disclaimer I don't own any of these characters in any way shape or form.
A/N I can't get the cut to cooperate. Sorry for the doubling up!

Claire glanced at Lindsay and smirked. Lindsay grinned and watched as Cindy and Jill went off into another round of laughing. The two were, to put it politely, feeling no pain. After an all nighter of shopping and a full day of work, the drinks at Papa Joe's were proving to be their achilles heel. The murder of Santa, although serious, was just too bizarre and Cindy's gift for words was knowing no bounds on the subject. As always, Jill was her best audience. The blonde giggled as Cindy began singing 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus'. Claire rolled her eyes and gestured to Lindsay that it was time to go. Lindsay chuckled and pulled Jill out of the booth and guided her towards the door. Jill smiled as the raven haired Inspector buttoned her coat for her. Lindsay smiled and looped a steadying arm around her as they watched in amusement as Claire led Cindy towards them. Lindsay waved to their waitress and handed her money for their orders then the four went out into the brisk night.

Jill blew out a breath and watched it with a grin. Lindsay looked down and smiled drawing her closer with her arm. The blonde was leaning a little heavily which warned Lindsay that her lady was well and truly drunk.

“ Let's get our trees!” Cindy suggested. Claire laughed,

“ Ed and I have ours. Lindsay, what about you?”

“ Well, no. Not yet.”

“ Ooh Linds, let's get it now.” Jill grinned. Lindsay knew better but gave in and they piled into Claire's car. Claire looked in the mirror and chuckled as Jill nuzzled Lindsay's neck,

“ Jill, none of that in my car!” she scolded without any real conviction. Lindsay looked completely happy and so did Jill. Claire beamed.

Cindy ran ahead and pointed to several possibilities for their trees. After several discussions they settled on two trees. Jill dug her hands in her pockets while Lindsay went to pay for them and arrange delivery. Claire had gone back to the car to start warming it up. Jill turned to see what was keeping Lindsay when a snowball smacked into the back of her head. Putting up a hand to ward off any more, the blonde whirled looking for Cindy.

“ Hey, Bernhardt! You'll never hit me! You're drunk!” Cindy challenged.as she packed another one for her next toss. Jill shook her head and reached for some snow as the second missle caught her on the side of the head.

“ Dammit Thomas! You are so going to pay!” she laughed. Lindsay walked back and groaned as she saw the all out snowball fight. Claire honked the horn and wound down the window.

“ Oh children! Time to go! Shit!” she yelped as the car was pummeled with snowballs. Lindsay burst out laughing as Claire quickly put the window back up. Lindsay glanced warily at the other two as they adjusted their target.

“ Guys, don't even think about it!” she warned as Cindy let sail a snowball in her direction. Jill's followed seconds later. Both missed and Lindsay was already scooping up snow for her counter attack.

Jill let out a yelp as Lindsay tackled her to the ground once Claire had corralled Cindy. Amidst laughter and deep breaths they watched Claire pile Cindy into the front seat. Lindsay slowly let the blonde up and shoved snow down her neck laughing when she twisted out of her grasp.

“ I'm too old for this! I'm a mother for god's sake!” Claire chuckled as they all shivered inside the car. Quickly she turned up the heat.

“ I'm frozen!” Cindy groaned.

“ Good!” Jill retorted smiling smugly as she had been on the losing end of the snowball fight. The blonde hugged Lindsay close and smiled contently. Lindsay lazily bent down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

“ I can't believe we got snow! It never snows!” Lindsay grinned.

By the time they reached Lindsay's, it had been decided they were turning the night into a sleepover. Claire had already called Ed and Cindy was calling for pizza as they pulled into Lindsay's driveway. Lindsay handed her keys to Claire who was leading Cindy towards the house then turned her attention to Jill who was struggling with the seatbelt. Once the blonde was freed, Lindsay pulled her close and kissed her thouroughly. Jill leaned into her and stared up at her in surprise.

“ What was that for?” she laughed softly.

“ I love you.” Lindsay grinned, “ I don't need a reason.”

After they supplied Claire and Cindy with some sleepwear and put their clothes to dry, Lindsay got Martha's leash and headed out to walk her. Jill grabbed her jacket and went with her while Claire and Cindy looked for a good Christmas movie to watch. Jill tucked her hand through Lindsay's and leaned against her silently. Lindsay fought down a wave of tears. Everything was perfect. She'd never felt this way before, certainly not on the holidays. Not even elves killing Santa was spoiling Christmas this year.

Lindsay's thoughts were interrupted as cold, wet snow went down her back Yelling, she arched her back as Jill laughed gleefully and raced for the house. Lindsay quickly caught her and grabbed for some snow as the blonde tried to get loose. Martha jumped and barked excitely as her ladies wrestled for dominance. The leash snaked around Jill's legs and the next thing she knew she was flat on her back being licked to death. Spitting, she giggled and begged Martha to move. Laughing, Lindsay pulled Martha away and straddled the blonde and stared at her wordlessly then kissed her hungrily. Martha tilted her head and sat down.

“ Let me up, my backside is freezing!” Jill grinned.

“ Say the magic words.” Lindsay teased nibbling at an earlobe. Jill's eyes closed.

“ Jill loves Lindsay.” she smiled playing along.

“ And? “ Lindsay smiled trailing a finger across the blonde's lower lip. Jill lightly caught it between her teeth. Lindsay grinned.

“ And Lindsay loves Jill.” the blonde said smugly.

“ Yes, she loves her very much.” Lindsay smiled kissing her possessively.

Claire reached for another beer and continued with her story as the others sat scattered around the front room. Lindsay glanced at Jill and smiled as the blonde's head slowly came to rest on the back of the sofa.

“ I think the alcohol has caught up with Jill.” Lindsay chuckled. Cindy raised her eyes sleepily.

“ Me too.” she moaned. Claire chuckled and eyed Lindsay,

“ Why is it you and I are always the last two standing?”

“ Because we can hold our liquor.” Lindsay grinned. Both smiled as Cindy's head pressed into a pillow and she gave in to sleep.

“ We'd better get them to bed.” Claire chuckled.

Lindsay pressed a kiss to Jill's temple then went to give Claire more blankets. Claire grinned as she covered Cindy. Lindsay held up one more glass of eggnog. The two friends walked to the front room and finished their drinks talking about Claire's boys. As they rose to go to bed Claire asked,

“ Linds, you really seem happy.”

“ I am. -- Claire, I think I finally got it right.” Lindsay grinned whobbily. Claire hugged her and laughed as Lindsay pointed at the mistletoe. Lindsay kissed her cheek and smiled as Claire did the same.

“ I love you Lindsay Boxer.”

“ I love you too.” Lindsay sighed hugging her tightly. Entering her bedroom Lindsay smiled and slid into bed and gently eased Jill closer until the blonde turned in her sleep and snuggled with her. Lindsay gently pressed a kiss to the blonde's lips and whispered,

“ I know I got it right.”

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