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Lunar Soul Ch 15

Well it has been a few days and now that I'm back I thought I would post. I hope you all enjoy!

Title: A Lunar Soul

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating: R- for language and violence

Characters, show, actors, etc. do not belong to me, I am not making any money so please don't sue. Thanks.

Author's Note: An AU in which Natalia and Olivia meet under different circumstances. Some things still the same, some not. Natalia's storyline is changed the most, she is a cop.

Beta- Q.


“You know it was just supposed to be a few movies and that’s all. And then, and then she, well let’s just say it went past that stage.” Natalia said, not sure if she was even making sense anymore. She was drunk to the point of being arrested for intoxication, if she ever did get around to leaving this bar.

“Wait so, let me get this straight. You’re worried because this woman made a move?” Blake asked.

“Yes, wait no, I don’t know.” Natalia said confused herself.

“Ok… well how about this, are you confused because you have no idea why she made a move on you? Or are you confused because you do feel something and you don’t know what to do about that?” Blake clarified and considering how drunk she was, she surprised herself with how she clarified the questions.

Natalia looked straight at the woman in front of her and was speechless. Even when she’s not drunk, she always had something to say except at this very moment. Just as she was going to say something, her phone rang and the number on the caller idea was more than just coincidence. “Speak of the woman,” Natalia said as she held up the phone and was surprised to see a smile on the woman’s lips.

“Well; why I’m not surprised? I know her well but I have to warn you, she’s firecracker. So just so you know, you have been warned.” Blake said as she watched the officer pay for her drinks.

“Well Blake, it seems like this town is full of them.” Natalia stated as she walked towards the door.

Blake watched the woman leave and was surprised at how defined her walk was even when she was drunk. She had known people to have a definite personality, and Natalia’s personality radiated out from the way she looked to the way she walked.

“Well copper, I’ll see you soon.” Blake said with a cocky grin.

Natalia turned around and smiled at the fiery woman she left behind and went to the one waiting at her house.


It was already close to midnight and still Natalia hadn’t shown up. Olivia knew that it was a confusing week.

Natalia unlocked the door to her house and was met with an upset and concerned woman.

“What the hell were you thinking?! Are you drunk, why would you do that? Why would you risk your life by being drunk and…” Olivia asked before she was interrupt.

“What, wait what are you talking about? I got taxi home and, why do you care?” Natalia asked still a little intoxicated.

“Because, because I care… because it matters!” Olivia said going around the real reason why she was concerned.

“I’m a grown woman and I’m a cop for god’s sake; you can’t really lecture me on what I’m doing. I know how to take care of myself!” Natalia said as she felt angry at Olivia for accusing her for not taking care of herself.

“Well you sure as hell know how to show it! I mean I know; I know what happened is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. We don’t have to argue about this, trust me it doesn’t have to mean anything.” Olivia said but unable to look the beautiful woman in the face as she said it.

“No it does, it does. Don’t say that it means nothing, because it does. You couldn’t even look me in the eye! It does matter and I can’t wrap my head around it, it has only been five months since Nick died and already… It’s not right and I can’t deal with this. I can’t feel what I felt for you when you,” Natalia tried to say but found that she couldn’t even finish it. “I need to sleep now.”

Olivia watched Natalia rush up the stairs and had no idea how to feel about what Natalia had just said.


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