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Femslash 4 Fans Radio on December 17, 2009 at 10 PM EST - Glee Femslash

Dear readers,

The next installment of Femslash 4 Fans on Blogtalkradio will be airing LIVE this Thursday, December 17th, from 10 - 11 PM EST:

...and Baby Makes Three - Glee, Rachel/Quinn, and Writers Kben, Sulkygeek, and Grdnofevrythng

On this week's show I'll be discussing quite possibly the youngest, freshest femslash fan community ever to be discussed on F4F. Since premiering on FOX in the fall, "Glee" has proved to be a hit with youthful audiences across America - not to mention all those iTunes downloads and those Gleek videos on Youtube. A mixture of teacher's lounge backstabbing, high school angst, and Broadway-influenced musical numbers, Glee makes its quota in both comedy and drama. Teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, outcasts being "Slushied" by the bullies - think "Veronica Mars" with less crime and more singing. (And hey, unlike Cop Rock or Viva Laughlin, the singing actually doesn't break the fourth wall.) It has also made new faces like Lea Michele and Dianna Agron instantly famous on the Internet, and nowhere more so than among the Rachel/Quinn fans in the Glee online community. Even though the show has only been on for a few months, not counting one lonely episode at the tail end of American Idol earlier this year, multiple talented Rachel/Quinn authors (not to mention Santana/Brittany) have already surfaced. And I'll be talking with three of them - "Nothing Like Love to Pull You Up" and "Taking Chances" author kben; writer of the ongoing "Honest Goodbyes" sulkygeek; and Rachel/Quinn/Brittany/Santana . . . well, you get the idea . . . erotic author grdnofevrythng.

All previous episodes can be downloaded in .mp3 format for listening at Those who listen to this show as it airs live will have the opportunity to call in with observations, or participate in the companion chat room.

Tune in!

Sincerely, Allaine
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