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Regina Mills

ralst in passion_perfect

5,000th Story Update

It's finally here.

I was going to make something splashy and eye catching to announce the 5,000th story update but, for one thing, I didn't have time, and I really think the stories speak for themselves. Big thank yous to everyone who submitted a story, graphic or video for the big event and a special thank you to Ann for helping out when I got a bit jittery.

On to the stories:

Babylon 5

All These Walls by Annette.

Gunpowder Treason and Plot by Celievamp.

Bad Girls

Love at First Sight by Marymartin.

Restless Night by Outsidethebx.

Giving It a Go by Clairebear.

Bionic Woman

Tell Me and Watching Her by Geekgrrl.

Dreams of Tomorrow and Hold Me by Shatterpath.

Birds of Prey

Just... by Debbie.

Blade: The Series

Scelero part 1 by ralst.


An Agreement by Olli.


Possessed by zennie.


You're Paying by Debbie.

Rain Check part 2 (Complete) by mirage.

Island by zennie.

Running up that Hill by sleepy_jaffa.

Episodic Tribulations by Immi.

CSI: Miami

Always Watching by racethewind10.

Gunpowder Treason and Plot by Celievamp.

Drunk by Femvamp.

Charlie's Angels

The Week from Hell by Ann.

Cold Case

What If? by mirage.

Criminal Minds

Dying in Nebraska and Sorrow is an Enemy by Fewthistle.

Crossing Jordan

One Leap of Faith by lysachan.


I've Loved You Before by Calliope.

Next Time...Just Say Porn by Ivy Elizabeth Mars.

The Devil Wears Prada

A Golden Opportunity and A Banquet of Consequences by The Last Good Name.

Doctor Kay Scarpetta Series

The Modus Operandi Series: Prologue: The Calm before the Storm by Nico.

Doctor Who

A Moment of Strength by ralst.


Bionic Woman drabble by Geekgrrl.

Four Popular drabbles by Wolfemeister.

CSI, Law & Order: SVU, Stargate SG-1 and Birds of Prey drabbles by Debbie.

CSI, Nikki & Nora and Original drabbles by atfm.


In the Words of… by Debbie.

Solace by A. Magiluna Stormwriter.

Crash Course by VanessatheMagnficent.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

The Glass Wall by Celievamp.


The Quiet by EldritchSandwich.

The Facts of Life

Exposed by the ghost.

The Princess and the Pirate and We'll have a gay old time by Angie.

Lobby by Della Street.

I've Loved You Before by Calliope.


Another Turning Point by Sam.


Gingerbread by bluflamingo.

The Rose Garden by lijewi.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Just Another Day by Jaina.


Multi-fandom graphic by atfm.

Grey's Anatomy

What happens in Vegas... by Lesley Mitchell.


Dreamwalking by Calle Dybedahl.

Hospital Central

Just Following Orders by lysachan.

A Touch of Comfort by Ceridwyn2.

House, MD

Admit it! by Major Roon.

What happens in Vegas... by Lesley Mitchell.

Imagine Me & You

Breathe by tremblingmoon.

Jane Bond

The Bond Manual: Rule Number One, Rule Number Two, Rule Number Three by ralst.

Karen Sisco

Dreaming of Tomorrow by Annette.

The Green Mountain State by atfm.

The Set-Up by Ann.

The L Word

How To Save A Best Friend by Soporificeffect.

Law & Order

Deadline by Ann.

Breaking into Pieces by Kristina K.

Law & Order: SVU

The Sum of Contradictions: 4. Cabot v Stabler and 5. Hyacinths by beurre blanc.

Breaking into Pieces by Kristina K.

Repeat by Cabenson.

Meet Me in St. Louis (C/O) by DiNovia.

Law & Order: TBJ

A Bump in the Road and Fighting by Ann.


So, Not Summer Camp? by Peppuuch.


I Was Falling in Love... a multi-fandom music video by Morgaine.

Say it Right a Fastlane music video by Sam.

Nowhere to Run a China Beach music video by Mondoshawan555.

Finding the One (multi-fandom), Everytime (Degrassi TNG) and The One (South of Nowhere) music videos by AngylGrrl.

What's My Age Again? a BtVS music video by anonymous.

What I've Done an Underworld music video by 71prowler.

Murder in Suburbia

Sullivan's Revenge, Scribbs, I Love You, Soggy Socks and Misunderstandings and The Results of Shopping by ralst.

Five conversations between Ash and Scribbs by Angie.

Not Going Home Tonight and Obsession with Body Parts by atfm.

Fashion Sense by Ann.

Rules to Live By by Fewthistle.

Mutant X

That's Gonna Leave a Mark by Annette.


One of Those Mornings, All Dressed in White and Fighting Their Fights by Jaina.

Why can't you be mine? by Nepeace.

Nikki & Nora

On the Beat by atfm.

The Sting by Ann.


Paying Attention and Accidents Do Happen by Wolfemeister.

All I Want for Christmas by Vree.

Scavenge Me part 1 by serendipityspinoff.


Her Alarming Lack of Malice by bank_farter.

South of Nowhere

Raw and I've Loved You Before by Calliope.

Stargate Atlantis

Taste of the Sea and Rethinking Priorities by racethewind10.

Unexpected Phantoms by Jaina.

Stargate SG-1

Close Encounters by Geonn.

What is and What Should Always Be by sHaYcH.

Suburban Shootout

Thorough Interrogation by Angie.

Tights and Trysts by ralst.


A Moment of Strength and Orders are Orders by ralst.


Desideratum part 1 by Annette.

Broken-Hearted Dreams by Cirroco DeSade & Jillo.

Unspoken (J/7) and Distortion (J/7) by Patricia L. Givens.

Freedom (J/7) by sleepy_jaffa.


Multi-fandom wallpaper by Annette.

Stargate SG-1 wallpapers by sHaYcH.

Women's Murder Club wallpaper by A.

Murder in Suburbia wallpaper by glf.

The West Wing

Giving Thanks by A. Magiluna Stormwriter.

Gunpowder Treason and Plot by Celievamp.


Believe by lfae.

Women's Murder Club

Impulsive by Misty Flores.

Hypothetically Speaking by e-dog.

When the Chips Are Down by TexasWatermelon.

Cement Shoes Won't Stop Her part 1 by GilliganKane.

Make Me Laugh When The Chips Are Down by atfm.


Gunpowder Treason and Plot by Celievamp.

Left Behind by Ann.


The Next Generation of Amazons and I've Loved You Before by Calliope.


Cheers *g*

I hope you enjoy the update, there's certain a lot to choose from.
Wow, what a fantastic update. Can't wait to delve into reading. Great job by the writers contributing and by you nagging encouraging us and putting it all together. Happy 5000. :)
I keep trying to tell the recruitment people, nagging is a skill too *g*.

The writers all did a great job.
Oh yes. After writing numerous cover letters, I find it's all a matter of how you put things. "I create a highly motivating working environment for my co-workers and have acquired excellent leadership skills while providing constant encouragement for the team."

That was actually on my list of things to do for the update but, silly me, I thought a mental list would do and forgot how atrocious my memory is. I'll make sure it goes up in the next update... just let me write that down somewhere.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are my hero, Rachel! Srsly. The amount of time and effort you put into your spectacular site is really astounding.

Thanks for all you do. Every day should be ralst day! Especially since I now have a ton of new, shiny fic to read!! woo and hoo!!!
lol I think if every day was like today, I'd be in a rest home by the end of the year *g*.

All the writers did a fantastic job, though, so it was very much a pleasure to do. I hope you enjoy the stories.
absolutely wonderful update. and congratulations on the 5000 stories.
Thanks *g*
Surely such a thing as femslash overdose doesn't exist? I'm in a state of euphoria right now.

Congratulations on the 5,000 update! It's fantastic to have such a multifandom fanfic site online.
If femslash overdoes did exist I'd probably be six feet under by now *g*
Yayz!!! *applauds*

Except one small thing... on mine you've lifted the disclaimer straight from my other story, which is my fault for not putting one, but it makes no sense because there's no nameless man. It'd be lovely if you could wipe out that line :)
The line is wiped *g*
Thanks :) And PERFECT timing cos my gf just came online xD (she was being good and waiting for it to be posted before she read it)
lol start at the beginning and just keep on goin' *g*
Thank you for the wonderful update. And thank you for this wonderful archive.
You're more than welcome.
Wow. That is some big update. Great job.
Thanks. We could do with something this big every week.
Cheers. And thanks for taking part.
Thank you, Ralst, authors!! This is spectacular! The 5,000 mark is so motivational. I am not getting much sleep this week...
The authors really did come through on this one... who needs sleep? *g*
A belated but nonetheless sincere CONGRATULATIONS! This is really an awesome achievement. You've done so much impressive work for so long in promoting & posting good fic. Here's to another 5,000 stories!
Wow, what an amazing event! The big 5000 is a huge success due in no small part to you, Rachel, and your incredible site. Thank you so much for giving us all a beautiful place to play.


Edited at 2007-11-12 17:57 (UTC)
I've been a fan of your archive for quite some time now, so a hearty congrats to your 5,000th story update! I'm honored to have been included in this update, so thank you for adding my fic to your archive. =) Kudos! Job well done!
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