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Lunar Soul Ch 18

Well I just saw The Princess and the Frog, which I would recommend to anyone who loves classic Disney movies, because it was amazing. So I figure I would post the next chapter. I am still writing and I am surprised at how long it is, I have surpassed my usual writing standard about ten chapters ago, and the end is no where in sight yet. On a side note, I will do my best to get this done before the end of the year, well one can hope. :]

Anyway thanks for all the comments and keep them coming, I love to read them, and I try to respond to all of them, but just know that I read them all and I keep writing because of you.

Title: A Lunar Soul

Pairing: Olivia/Natalia

Rating:Overall R-NC 17, for violence, language and ... (you'll know what I mean if you've seen Mama Mia)

Characters, show, actors, etc. do not belong to me, I am not making any money so please don't sue. Thanks.

Author's Note: An AU in which Natalia and Olivia meet under different circumstances. Some things still the same, some not. Natalia's storyline is changed the most, she is a cop.

Beta- Q.


Two months from now…

Natalia couldn’t feel her body as much anymore. She knew the look on her old boss’s face. She had had it herself a few times when she was looking at a hit officer. She just had one thing she needed to say, one thing she needed known.

“I need her to… I need her to know. You’ll tell her. Promise me you’ll let her know… I should’ve said it a long time ago. But now I just need her to know. Promise…”

Jake nodded.


Natalia didn’t hear anyone come down but she did feel the warm hand lightly caress her lower back and she heard a raspy voice that sent chills down her spine.

“Morning.” Olivia said with a smile, as she thought she felt Natalia shiver at her touch. Now that she knew how the brown haired woman felt, she was happy that her touch affected Natalia as much as those brown eyes affected her. It had been a week since their talk and it was the subtle yet meaningful moments that they shared, like this one, that showed that this was more than just a lust.

“Good morning. I’m making waffles. Do you know if Emma is up yet? School starts in an hour. I don’t want her to be late.” Natalia said as she placed the waffles on a plate. Just as she watched Olivia began to get up, the bouncing little girl came downstairs, happier than ever.

“Mommy, MOMMY! Can you make it to my play this afternoon? Can you, please… please?” Emma asked so excited at her part in the play and the fact that she already talked one of her mommies into coming.

“I don’t know baby… I’ll try but I have a big day today.” Olivia said as she thought about her schedule today. She promised herself she would always make room, but today was going to be hectic. And she didn’t want to make a promise to her daughter and then cancel on the last minute.

“Aww come on mommy please… I want both of my mommies there. Please, PLEASE.” Emma said with her big brown eyes.

“Alright… but only if you hurry and finish getting ready. You’re going to be late for school.” Olivia said as she watched her daughter inhale her breakfast and run up stairs to get dressed. Olivia pulled out her blackberry but she felt Natalia’s hand on her own and had to look up.

“Don’t worry about it, that big E3 meeting you have is taken care of.” Natalia said knowingly.

“How?” Olivia asked confused.

“Because I scheduled it, I knew that Emma’s play was coming up so I scheduled some time so that you won’t be busy. I had to make it sound important, or at least mysterious enough so that your other assistant wouldn’t double book you. So I titled it E3. E for Emma and the three for all of us.” Natalia said as she watched Olivia smile with her.

“You’re amazing.” Olivia said, in awe of how great the woman was, she was a superhero.

“I know.” Natalia said coolly with a playful smile.


The play was over and both women were so proud of their little star. As they waited for her to get done talking to all of her friends, they couldn’t stop smiling at each other and at the cutest play they had ever seen. Both women couldn’t take eyes off each other; they just hoped no one else noticed that they were in their own world.

“So, what did you think?!” Emma asked as she saw her mommies being distracted by each other. She could see how much they loved each and she couldn’t help but be happy at how loving her family was.

“Oh sweetheart you were so amazing.” Olivia said as she regained her focus and looked at her amazing daughter, she couldn’t have been prouder of her.

“Yeah, I think you were the best Martha Washington ever!” Natalia said as she looked at the little girl. She was just as proud of her as Olivia was. She hated the fact that she had to still go to work today, but the night shift on a full moon was worth it to see her little girl perform today.

“Alright sweetheart, you should change and then I have to take you to Jane and Natalia has to go to work.” Olivia said as she moved her daughter towards the dressing room. She noticed a weird look on Natalia’s face and had to ask her about it when Emma wasn’t there. “So what’s going on?”

“What do you mean?” Natalia asked, knowing what Olivia was seeing.

“Well you look like your dreading going to work, more so then usual.” Olivia stated.

“You ever get a bad feeling, like something’s going to happen?” Natalia asked, trying to leave out details and the last time she felt like this.

“Yeah, but I can be one of the most paranoid people ever at times. Why, are you getting it?”

“Sorta… it’s hard to explain. But don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine, anyway I should get going I’ll see you later tonight, if not tomorrow.” Natalia said with a smile as she started to walk away.

“Ok but one question. When was the last time you got this feeling?” Olivia asked, already having an idea of what her answer could be.

“About a month ago.” Natalia said quietly as she left the auditorium and went to work.


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