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Fic Post: Angel Seeker (SVU)

Series: Angel Seeker
Chapter 1: Pleas for Mercy
Author: vegawriters
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia; Elliot/Kathy; hints of past Elliot/Olivia
Rating: Adult.
Warnings (for series): BDSM
Time Frame: Perverted through Anchor
Guest Star: Lady Heather
A/N: Angel Seeker takes place in same fanverse as Shadowed Superhero and Lolita’s Memories. While you don’t have to have read those for this series to make sense, there are references in them to continued events that will take place in this story, primarily the Jackson case and the (re)developing relationship between Alex and Olivia. All of my stories are archived at my writing community: vega_voices.
Disclaimer: If Law and Order BELONGED to me, you think I’d be writing fic? So no. Dick Wolf and his crew own it all, I am just taking Elliot, Olivia, Fin, and others, out to play. Now, if Mr. Wolf is looking for someone to write his L&O novel tie-ins … I’m totally there. Just sayin..

Summary: And what frightened her was that she knew that she was in fact capable of what they were accusing her of. She knew that in the wrong situation, she would use her training and she would kill first and ask questions later. What frightened her was that the rat bastard from IAB was right. Forced onto her knees or trapped in an alley, she would fight and kill and it didn’t matter if she was actually in danger. How often had she taken off down the road, the music blaring, and literally blacked out the two hours it took to drive to Clinton or Albany or Syracuse? If she hadn’t been completely unable to get out of bed on Sunday night, even she wouldn’t believe her story.

Chapter One: Pleas for Mercy
Tags: fic, svu

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