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An Otalia Christmas Present

Five Things that Might or Might Not Have Happened to Olivia Spencer



Rating: R

Disclaimer: I told Santa all I want for Christmas is Olivia Spencer, but so far, nada. Maybe next year?

Words: 4,023


Author’s Note: Well, this demanded to be written by my ever so bossy muse, and since I know what’s good for me, I wrote it. Some parts reference my own universe as found in Almost Home, Elysium and Sins of the Child. Some are canon. Some are just the workings of my bossy muse’s frightening brain. Hopefully, all form an intriguing and entertaining whole. There is a change of tense in a few of these, so don’t be thrown. Bossy muse insisted.


My most sincere and gracious thanks to the talented Kelinswriter, whose own bossy muse was of immense help and who was kind enough to read and re-read and offer wonderful advice and encouragement. Merci, my dear. Most sincere and gracious thanks to the kind and generous Darankerry, as well, for finding typos and dropped words and putting up with me. Not an easy task. You rock, Tex-Ass!!


 Merry Christmas All!!

Five Things

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