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Venice: "Speaking Without Words" 1/3

Title: "Speaking Without Words" 1/2
Author: Chrissie aka itsalovestory
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gina/Ani from Venice the series
Spoilers: None
Summary: Gina runs into Ani at The Grille and one thing leads to another.
A/N: This takes place before the first episode. POV alternates.


I'm standing there at the bar, drinking a martini just how I like it. Dirty and full of olives. Then, she walks in. I drink her in, just how I like it. My eyes rake over her body, taking in every deliciously dirty piece of olive skin that is revealed to me with the outfit she is wearing. Tight jeans hugging those hypnotic hips. A low cut shirt that shows off her amazing cleavage. Damn it! Why the fuck is she wearing that sweater, though? It's hiding her lovely arms.

I sigh.

She still hasn't noticed me, so I continue to stare at her as I sip on my drink. How long has she been back from New York? Why hasn't she called me? Fuck her! I slam back the cool liquid, letting the alcohol burn my throat, burn my heart. Fuck this! I slam the glass against the counter and stand up from my stool, seeing her slide her body against another woman. Oh, I see what you're trying to do, honey. Nobody tries to forget Gina Brogno.

Nobody. Not even her.

So, I strut across the Grille to Ani, sliding myself up next to where she stands on the dance floor. She closes her eyes tightly.

"Hey," I purr.


I know I shouldn't be here. She's bound to be here. But, I just can't help myself. I walk into the building, loud music pulsing through the air. Ahh. There she is. A rush of desire pulses through my veins. Her back's turned from me. Her gorgeous, firm ass is sitting at the bar. She turns slightly to the side, suddenly laughing to an overly excited blond woman. I wonder if she's noticed me yet. Probably not. In all our time together, she never did. Why would she start tonight?

I sigh.

I make my way through the crowd onto the dance floor. I move my hips to the beat, to my heart, willing it to somehow charm her to me, to my love. Why did I come here again, especially how we left things the last time? How come she can't let me love her. Fuck her! I grind harder into the woman next to me. Fuck this! I twirl around and see her sauntering over to me with the grace of a feline. I need to forget.

Her. I need to forget Gina Brogno.

Her long, black boots lead her across the floor almost effortlessly. Her long, black boots lead up her jean clad legs to her thighs. Oh god. Those thighs and the way they feel wrapped around my waist or moving against my hot, wet skin. I slam my eyes shut as she reaches my side.

She purrs, "Hey."


She opens her brown eyes, and looks deep into mine. I know she's trying to find something there. Love. You can try all you want, but I won't let you see it. I can't. Hell, sometimes I don't know if I can find it.I grab her hands and put them on my hips. She pulls me close. We dance. We dance so tight and full and fulfilling. Arms around each other. Hips swaying, hips slamming. Mmm...I remember the way those hips of hers feel against my hand, against my fingers. I love, love, love that feeling. I need that feeling again. We dance so long like that, intertwined.

"I've missed..." She starts. I put my finger to her lips, willing her not to finish. I lean close to her ear and hotly whisper, "Shhh..." She shudders and pulls us off the dance floor to a secluded corner, both of us hidden in the dark shadows. Roughly, she pushes me against the wall and crushes her lips to mine.

Oh yeah.

She plunders my mouth, over and over, searching like a nasty pirate wench looking for buried treasure. Her fingers thread through my hair, tightly turning and twisting it. I let out a small moan of pleasure. This only seems to spur her on more. She slips her thigh between my legs and presses forward slightly.

Oh fucking yeah.

I need her naked in my bed right now. I grab her hand and lead her to my car.


I open my eyes slowly, and look deep into the swirling depths of Gina's green orbs. I'm searching for something there. I find many things in those beautiful eyes of hers. Passion. Desire. Regret. Denial. Oh, there it is. A flicker of what I need to see, even after all this time. Love. As soon as it came, it left.She grabs my hands and pulls them to her hips. Okay, I see how this is gonna be. I pull her closer to my body. We dance. We dance so tight and full and fulfilling. Arms around each other. I could spend a lifetime holding her and it would never be enough. Our hips are swaying, slamming together again and again, like the waves against the sandy beach. Mmm...I remember the way we would sneak off to our special place, hidden on the shore, and make love by the moonlight and starry sky, feeling safe in her arms. I love, love, love that feeling. I need that feeling again. We dance so long like that, intertwined.

Suddenly, I have the urge to let her know I've missed her. This. Us. "I've missed..." I start in almost a whisper. But, before I can finish her long finger lays against my lips, silencing me. I stare into her eyes and am once again captured and captivated. She leans closer to me, whispering into my ear, "Shhhh..." Her hot breathe tickles my skin, my soul and I shudder. So, I decide to tell her everything I feel a different way, the only way she lets me. I pull her off the dance floor to a dark corner, hiding us away, hiding our love away. Using all my strength, I push her against the wall and pull her lips to mine in a crushing kiss.

Oh yeah.

Her lips are sweet like candy and just as addictive. soft, so delicious. I return again and again. Our kisses grow more passionate as I search the warm wealth of her mouth. Her mouth does amazing things to my body. I thread my fingers tightly through her soft hair. I pull and tease and torture it. She moans a little into my mouth. Oh baby, I know what you like 'cause I'm the only one that can do this for you right. The knowledge of what I do to her, what I can still do to her turns me on even more. I shove my thigh between her legs. Oh she's so warm there. I know that means only one thing. I push forward, letting her ride my leg just. a. little. bit.

Oh fucking yeah.

That seems to do the trick as she pulls me from the Grille to her car. I need to see her naked, feel her completely naked right fucking now.

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