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Unanswered Prayers: Otalia Fic

Unanswered Prayers
Rating: R
Disclaimer: They belong to P&G and CBS and many other undeserving idiots who treated them with all the respect shown a five dollar hooker. Shame.
Words: 3,347
Spoilers: The WoD. Set in the gazebo in the aftermath of the wedding that almost was. My take on what should have happened. Quote from Psalms 131:1.

Author’s Note: What began as a Five Things type of story about Natalia morphed into this single story. I had the first two done and then began writing this. As you can see, it took on a life of its own. I hope that it stands alone. It’s how I wish this scene would have gone. Yes, I know…wishes and horses and beggars. Still, it is my own attempt to give back to Natalia the spirit and the spine she once had.

Eternal gratitude to Darandkerry for catching my dropped words and empty spaces and always putting up with me. You are a true gem, my dearest! Most sincere and abiding thanks to Kelinswriter, for her insights, her advice, and her encouragement. My Bossy thinks your Bossy rocks! She thinks you’re okay, too.

 Written for the P&P December Major Fandoms Calendar.

Unanswered Prayers

Tags: guiding light

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