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hynotic_n_crazy in passion_perfect

Modern Family Clarie/Gloria Potenial?

the show Modern Family is awesome, hopefully i'm not the only one who knows and possibly loves it and i was at first surprised i found it to have any femslash potenial because it's a family show about a well family but i am the only one who think a) Claire/Gloria would be very hot together b) Claire only married Phil (who is funny, i praise the actor but want to stab the character) because he knocked her up and/or she wanted to prove she was straight and c) although Gloria does care for Jay she could swing to the female side (she answered Haley very quickly about how many men she's slept with [8] but i wonder if she'd answer if the question was have you ever slept with a woman... especially if the person asking was the person you'd slept with daughter) my mind is a twisted place but i can't be only one who sees it


No, you are not. Mind you, I haven't rationalized it as much as you have, in my mind it was basically, "They're the only two adult female characters and they're both hot." I want to write fanfic for them, but I need a better grasp on the characters and, more importantly, a scenario that would work for them. I do think they both love their husbands very much, so it would have to be a sort of fantasy/dare that ends up not counting or something cause adultery makes me very uncomfortable regardless of context, so. But thanks for bringing this up! Glad to see I'm not alone! :)
Forgot to comment on this, but what I liked about her conversation with Alex that you mentioned was that she totally shut down when Alex asked her if she had kissed any girls and went, "That's no way to talk to your grandmother!" Very interesting. You KNOW Gloria has kissed a few girls in her life. Someone as hot as she is? Ohhh yeah.
Nope, not crazy. You write and I promise I will read. Sounds plausible and could be very hot!
i don't see it.but don't let that hamper your imagination. by all means write!
Ha, I found this page searching for femslash about them-- they have massive chemistry and a very odd amount of tension. Plus that time in the mud, omg.
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