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kate murphy

tvier in passion_perfect

Body of Proof Fic; "Perfect to Me", Megan/Kate, Part1/?


Title: Perfect To Me
Fandom: just Body of Proof
Pairing: Kate/Megan of course :)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters in anyway, ABC does i think
Rating: PG-13 for right now, maybe M later on
Summary: Megan Hunt keeps denying her true feelings for one Kate Murphy, but must accept them once she discovers how much pain Kate is in after a very disturbing case, and must help her through her troubles so Kate can find herself again.
Authors Notes: The title is from Pink's song, which I love... Um 'pretty pretty please...' bear with the story bc its my first one from a very long writing hiatus, and my first for BoP


             The small lake of blood that threatened to soak through the wooden floor of the apartment, easily gave away the immediate cause of death. The only problem was there was no open wound, no scratches or marks of any kind actually. Dr. Megan Hunt stared at the girl’s prone body; looking deeply at the adorable clothes, smooth young face, and the mouth held open in what could only be thought as a scream. Megan just could not understand why there was so much blood surrounding the young woman, if she seemed unharmed? To all cops and Peter Dunlop the cause of death looked to be extremely strange. “Was she literally scared to death?” Peter speculated, while studying a few strands of white hair on the girl’s head that clashed wildly with their initial determination of her age being 10 years old.

No signs of forced entry, and no signs of any other family members.” Detective Bud Morris called out from the hallway. Detective Samantha Baker added from beside Peter “Forensics says there is a small smudged blood trail leading to the girl that was quickly washed. So maybe the guy dragged her in here?” “No there is no blood coming up on the body at all besides for the pool beside her. All I know so far is that this girl has no obvious cause of death, is swimming in someone else’s pool of blood, and that the autopsy will be done in two hours.” Megan declared as she began to walk off the scene and to her car.

            Dr. Kate Murphy, Chief Medical Examiner, walked purposefully into Megan’s autopsy room. “What have you found so far?” “I’ll let you know in my report in another hour.” Megan replied while still conducting her autopsy and ignoring Kate’s presence. “Dr. Hunt, when the daughter of the junior deputy chief of police, is found dead, you give me what you have as soon as possible, are we clear?” “Yes…Chief…we found trace elements of semen on the pockets of her jeans as though the guy wiped his hands on her, but no sign of semen on her body.” “So he jacked off to her while killing her or after she was dead?” Kate exclaimed and turned pale, this case was getting more and more painful for her to hear. “Exactly, but the interesting thing is that we found some trace samples of Bartonella rochalimae in her system and in her sweat.” Megan answered with a smirk, looking to Kate all the while like a child who wants to be rewarded for getting the right answer.

Kate sighed and stared at Megan with her arms crossed, “And that tells us…” Kate left the sentence of with a question and slight glare sent Megan’s way. “It tells us a possible cause of death, as Bartonella rochalimae can cause endocarditis and heart disease even for a young person like Stacey. The strange thing is that the disease usually is transmitted from rats.” Megan stated. “And what does this discovery tell us about the mysterious and unclaimed pool of blood found?” Kate asked with her eyes now trained on Stacey’s cute neon green sneakers, her thoughts really miles away from the current conversation. Megan answered that she had a tox analysis going on Stacey and the blood sample and that the results should give them some answers. Megan trailed off when she noticed Kate wasn’t really listening and was staring off at Stacey and seemingly though her. Megan clinically observed the obvious signs of stress, like tight shoulders, tiredness, shaking hands… She filed this information away for later and stepped closer to Kate.

Kate felt a hand on her shoulder and swiftly turned to face Megan, “I’ll, I’ll, expect the report in my office in 42 minutes.” Kate said shakily before shaking her head and fleeing the room for her safe and quiet office. Megan stared after the younger women, and unconsciously let her eyes wander over the retreating figure. Once she realized what she was doing, Megan told herself to stop with the foolishness and focus. She filed her latest inappropriate behavior for later as well, as she turned to face the body, sighed, and continued her examination.

After handing in the report to an even more tired looking Kate, Megan left the office with a weird feeling in her chest. The feeling was familiar to Megan after all the months at her new job, and was even identifiable; affection and attraction. Megan continually denied these feelings but they kept on returning. Tonight after seeing Kate look so down and weary, and still absolutely beautiful in a tight pantsuit that highlight her lean yet curvy physique, Megan once again felt the unmistakable urge to turn around and either hug of kiss Kate. She wasn’t sure yet which she wanted to do. Driving in her car she slammed her head on the steering wheel as she ordered her thoughts. “…First she’s your boss, second she’s like 15 years younger than you, then she is a she, and most of all she shows no signs of anything remotely close to what I feel…” Megan murmured to herself over and over as she tried in vain to suppress her feelings.

The next few weeks were not any better for Kate or Megan as they both found out that not only was the murderer a kidnapper, and a child abuser, but it was also the girl’s father. The junior deputy chief was discovered because the mysterious amount of blood was placed at the scene by the man, disguised as human blood, when in actuality it was from the family dog. The dog had caught the bacteria from rats living in their home, and had over the years passed the bacteria to the girl. Stacey’s father though apparently took antibiotics for the bacteria; therefore indicating that he knew the girl was sick and would not help her. The sickness resulted in a few strands of white hair on the girl's head, and when they found the dead dog, in the dog's white patches of fur. Detectives Morris and Baker realized that the father killed the little girl because she looked ‘too much’ like his dead wife, and he couldn’t stand seeing her everyday in his daughter.

Kate grew more pale and weary as the case dragged on and the night the father was taken into custody she spent the night crying in her office. Megan had noticed Kate’s deteriorating condition, and her feelings of care and affection had grown over the duration of the case. On the same night, Megan saw Kate enter her office at 8, and at midnight was still not out. Megan herself, finished working at 2 am wrapping up the reports, and gave herself an excuse for checking on Kate in order to drop off the report.

            Megan lightly knocked on the door, and received no response. She quietly entered the dimmed room, and tried to find Kate without turning on the lights. She found her lying on her couch with a tearstained face. The woman was whimpering and shaking, and looked to Megan to be fighting some internal or even external battle. Megan lightly tapped Kate’s shoulder, but was not prepared for the response she received. Kate screamed and shot straight up while murmuring “Daddy, no, please no daddy!!…” over and over again. It was as though Megan wasn’t even there, and Kate simply curled into a ball, still shaking and whispering. Megan was shocked and her heart tore a little at the sight. She threw all her doubts and current misgivings to the wind, and sat next to Kate. She drew the younger, and taller women into her arms and attempted to slowly rock her, while calmly whispering anything she could think of to calm the woman down. Kate slowly stopped shaking and rocking and leaned fully into Megan but still continued to cry and whimper. Megan enjoyed the feeling of Kate in her arms, and could not believe how well they fit. As Kate slowly fell to sleep in Megan’s arms, Megan pushed aside her growing fears and worries about what the morning would bring, and she instead decided to enjoy the moment, and sweetly stroked Kate’s long golden hair over and over. She herself, did not get any sleep that night.



good start! more please!
Hummm.. very interesting start.. i found this show a few days ago.. and i notice these 2 have a lot of chemistry.. Kate is hot.. and the she seems to care about Megan is great.. then i started to search if i was the only one seeing this but gladly im not.. and i found a few fics.. so i hope you update soon..cant wait to see where this is going..
Loved it! Can't wait to read more!
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