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femme_slash_fan in passion_perfect

Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, The girl who has everything? (Jenn/Ziva, NCIS)

Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, The girl who has everything?

By Elizabeth Fox.

“Get some answers…” Jenn ordered, glaring at Gibbs as she turned to head up the stairs to the MTAC. She hated working there, but she had to…

Officer David had been hurt already, pretty badly. Jenn hated being stuck here… She belonged with the girl. She brushed hair from her eyes and continued, her red hair matched the fire she felt burning under the surface, what had made Tony risk Ziva’s health like that?

She turned, noting Gibbs glaring at Tony, good, the man deserved hell. She brushed her hair from her blue eyes again and walked on. She spent several hours working, trying to keep her temper under control. She looked professional, and acted it… just.

Ziva barely moved when Jenn finally entered, dark hair matted and untidy, curls in disarray. She closed her eyes, dark, pain filled eyes. She was clearly trying to ignore Jenn… She looked over only when Jenn settled beside her, taking her slender hand between her own roughened hands. She recognised the pain and fear lodged in Jenn’s eyes, and couldn’t help but melt.

“Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl… the girl who has… everything?” She offered weakly, gaining a tired smile from Jenn. “I’ll be okay Jenn, I always am…” She was lying, it was clear to anyone who cared to look. Memories, Cairo… she remembered the time their positions had been reversed, she’d spent hours with Jenn… making sure the woman didn’t give up. She knew from the warm, tight, squeeze Jenn gave her hand that Jenn wasn’t going to let her give in either.

Hours later, at Jenn’s, Ziva bit back sobs, not of pain, that had passed… she was fighting memories, of Ari, of her father… of the past. She was covered in scars and yet, Jenn seemed to love her anyway.

The gentle hands continued dressing her, Jenn’s lips meeting her forehead, then her neck, caressing. “I’m here Ziva…” and then, a soft nip, tender, comforting. Jenn wasn’t going to lose her… she really did have everything now.

Jenn sat reading to Ziva, hours later, Ziva’s head resting lightly in her lap, comforted by Jenn’s own presence, by the gentle tone in her voice.

“You gave me hyacinths first a year ago… they called me the hyacinth girl…” Jenn smiled, reading the line again, her free hand going to stroke Ziva’s hair. “I love you hyacinth girl…” She whispered, remembering Ziva’s surprise when she’d brought the hyacinths home that day, their first year anniversary.
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Oh this was absolutely lovely! And I'm not normally a Ziva/Jenn shipper....

Is there any chance I can link to this on the NCIS page over at Frisked & Conquered?
Yes, I'd love you to have it... and wow, thank you. I never normally write that... emotionally. Guess I need to keep doing that.
i have gadgets and gizmos aplenty.....
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