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thelana in passion_perfect

Forbidden Love Primer: 2012 l-story compilation

Err, yeah, I'm guessing people weren't exacting waiting with bated breath for the next woman x woman storyline on Verbotene Liebe, but still... here it is. It tentatively starts next week and will most likey be uploaded to the channel of Mittag1234. You can find the latest news on this forum.

Countess Rebecca von Lahnstein (cousin to the famed Carla von Lahnstein) is a fashion designer. She's part of a large, quirky, messed up aristocratic family. She's quite opinionated, determined to get ahead in the fashion industry and looks good on a motorcylce.

Marlene Wolf is a famed musical singer and the top starlet of Rebecca's music manager brother whom she's also dating. And she reminds me a lot of Caroline from Vampire Diaries back in season 1 (you know, kiddie pool Caroline). She's an adored singer, but can be quite insecure. She's also this walking conundrum where she's both really icy and guarded on one hand and totally open and warm on the other hand and especially passionate when it comes to her family. When she isn't beating up Santa Claus, she's looks great in lingerie.

April 2nd/3rd: Rebecca helps Marlene get her groove back. In turn, when Rebecca runs late on her assigments Marlene puts in a good word with Rebecca's boss. Rebecca gets hit by a flurry of creative inspiration due to Marlene.

April 12th/13th: Rebecca can't stop thinking about Marlene. When the model for the swim wear collection drops out Marlene jumps in and while horsing around the pool together Rebecca falls in love with Marlene. Rebecca confides this in her best gay pal Olli, but wants to get Marlene out of her head. When Marlene cancels a meeting with her Rebecca is determined to distract herself... with sexy policewoman Bianca.

April 26th/April 27th: Rebecca tries to avoid Marlene, but Marlene invites herself to a slumber party. The two end up having a lot of fun and fall asleep in each others arms and Rebecca has to admit to herself that she can't tear Marlene out of her heart after all. Rebecca and Marlene accidentally find out that Marlene's sister and Rebecca's brother want to get married in a private ceremony and get invited. Rebecca catched the bouquet but hands it to Marlene (me: awwwww).

April 30th/May 2nd/May 3rd: Marlene guesses that Rebecca has a secret crush and sets her up on a date with a dude. It goes about as well as expected. Marlene now knows that Rebecca is into women as well as guys and begins to suspect that she could be the secret crush when she hears Rebecca's description of said crush. Rebecca kisses a sleeping Marlene, is shocked about her actions and takes Bianca up on her offer when she wants to see Rebecca again.

May 10th/May 11th: Rebecca can't bring herself to come to the grand opening of the club Marlene is opening together with Rebecca's brother, but Marlene finds her and drags her to the party. At the end of the party Marlene drags Rebecca to the dance floor where Rebecca just lets go and wants to party. Rebecca ends up dragging everybody to her place for an after party.
When Marlene and Rebecca kiss the world around them disappears for one single precious moment.


I heard about this storyline...thanks for the info! Hoping it plays out better and longer than Miriam/Rebecca.

Still miss Carla, though.
I think the chances are pretty good that it will at least run longer than Miribecca because at least both characters involved are main characters this time. I'm so pissed though that Miriam is not on the show anymore. I mean seriously, Rebecca falling for a cute blonde in a pool? First Miriam and Rebecca kiss anyone? That's just begging for a backstory where Miriam broke Rebecca's heart a lot more than she let on.

I miss Carla too. Claudia Hiersche is da bomb:

Aw, Carla pics! Yay!

Yeah, I really liked Miriam a lot & miss her on the show now. It sucked that she never got a really good, substantial storyline.
I really hate that VL is so locked into this mindset that you have main characters and supporting characters. They have had a ton of really talented supporting cast, like Antonia during Philipp and Nico or Sonja now.
See, I got into this show around Carla/Stella and well... I really can't be bothered to go back and watch more. I do love these updates on what's going on though.
I'll make sure to post if there's anything actually interesting happening. I think it's all moot anyway till the first scenes actually air because you can never know for sure whether they'll have chemistry.

To me VL has never been the show that dazzles you with it's out of the world creative and challenging writing, so it has always been about the execution.

That said, I do rather like the actress who plays Marlene, so I'm at least moderately intrigued how this will turn out.

I'll keep you guys posted if that's ok with the community.
I'm assuming they changed the actress who played Rebecca? Well, either that or my eyesight is going. I liked the previous Rebecca and, despite the storyline, I thought she had really good chemistry with Miriam. It's nice that they haven't totally whitewashed over her attraction to women but I wish they'd just done a better job with Rebecca/Miriam to start with.
Yes, new actress. Though I think she's so different, I just pretend she's a new character to be honest. It's easier that way.

I liked the old Rebecca too. I thought she really worked with well with Miriam (I get why a lot of long term watchers of the soap didn't like her, but I thought her acting in the Miriam was genuinely better, I'm guessing mostly because in that story she could just be a normal nice girl and they weren't trying to hard to sell her as a male dreamgirl).

It's sad that we never really got to see her finish "her" story which to me always had a strong thread of being insecure and dorky. The new Rebecca is just magically more brash and confident.
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