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sock monkey

cabenson in passion_perfect

Once Upon a Time, Three Emma/Regina Drabbles

Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Emma/Regina
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Up to Ep 1.19

First Fight as a Couple
prompt from ab-original-princess at Tumblr

Their first fight as a couple wasn’t really a fight, but more of an explosion fueled by weeks of anger, jealousy, and regret. Dishes flew as rapidly from Regina’s hands as the irrational accusations spewed from her mouth. Emma ducked around the corner, swearing repeatedly that her meeting with Booth at Granny’s was strictly related to a case she was working.

It wasn’t so much the reasonable replies from Emma that stopped Regina in her tracks as it was the sight of blood on Emma’s cheek. Seeing the result of an errant shard of her fine bone china on the skin of the woman she loved felt as shocking as a slap to her own face. She dropped her remaining ammunition and slowly made her way to Emma.

“I’m sorry,” she cried, “I have no idea why I’m acting this way. Maybe I’m just scared.”

“Are you having second thoughts about us, Regina?”

“Never! I’m, I’m just so afraid that you will leave us. Henry. Me.”

Emma slowly caressed Regina’s face as she replied, “I love you. Both of you. Why are you so afraid I will leave?”

“Because you are the one I want to stay.”

What Happens When the Curse Breaks
prompt from giftofamber Tumblr

“They’re coming!”

“Wait, what? Who’s coming?”

“Can’t you hear them? I have to go, I have to get Henry. Now!”

“Regina, what? Why are you leaving?”

“It’s over, Miss Swan. My world, my life, it’s over.”

“Ok, you are being a bit dramatic, even for you. C’mon, Regina, it was just a kiss.”

“ ‘It was just a kiss’,” Regina mocked. “Have you no idea what you have started? Surely Henry has told you about the affects of true love’s kiss during the Operation:Cobra meetings you failed to hide from me.”

“Well, according to Henry, true love’s kiss can break any curse. Oh shit, are you telling me-?”

“Yes, the stories in the book are true. And yes, I love you. I do love you, Emma, but time is of the essence. Love me or leave me, but I have to find Henry and get out of this world before they find me and-“

“And what?”

“Kill me!”

Emma thought for a moment and followed Regina, frantically making her way back to the Mayoral mansion. She had worked too hard for this, for Regina, and for Henry. The decision was easy.

“I’m coming with you.”

“No, Emma! We’re not the family you’ve been looking for!”

“True love’s kiss says differently.”

They’ve Met Before
prompt by trancer21 *prompt re-interpreted to stay within canon

It began as a comforting gesture, wiping the tears from Regina’s face after yet another futile attempt at connecting with Henry. It ended as a message of desire, as Emma pulled the woman closer, stopping short only when a wave a déjà vu overwhelmed her. She stepped back and stared.

“We’ve met before, haven’t we Regina, somewhere, sometime, before I came to Storybrooke? I mean, this all seems kinda familiar.”

Regina sighed in frustration, “We see each other every day, Sherriff, unfortunate as that may be. And prior to your abrupt arrival in my sleepy town, I haven’t ventured so far as the city limits. So no, this hasn’t happened before, and it sure as hell isn’t happening now.”

“No, I’m certain we have done this before. I’ve held you in my arms, comforted you, loved you. And you, you let me.”

“Please, Miss Swan, keep your sordid daydreams to yourself! I can’t imagine ever forgetting stumbling so far into the gutter that I would sleep with the likes of you.”

“But, I know you Regina,” Emma whispers as she leans in, softly kissing the other woman’s lips.

Regina backs away in shock, her hand absently reaching for the old ring she wears around her neck. “Oh my God, it can’t be! Can it?” she asks as she stares intently at Emma. “Daniel?”


I love your version of Emma. :) "True Love's kiss says differently."
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