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Forbidden Love: Marlene&Rebecca spoiler compilation

A short guide about what's coming up for Marlene and Rebecca.

Stuff that already happened
Lots of backstory about Rebecca and her brother's girlfriend Marlene first bitching in each other, Rebecca stumbling on a big secret Marlene is hiding from said brother and helping her cope with the resulting crisis.

And then Rebecca fell in love with said Marlene.

Marlene and Rebecca kissed during a game of spin the bottle and it rocked Marlene's socks off in a major way.

Rebecca whisked Marlene away for a round of kart racing and after a conversation at the pool Marlene nearly kissed Rebecca. And then subsequently pretended that nothing happened and it was all Rebecca's fault anyway. All while launching into romantic split screen memories of Rebecca.

Rebecca play duelled her brother which freaked Marlene out in a major way.

Coming up
Starting tomorrow:

Marlene freaks out in a major way during a dress fitting and unfairly accuses a shocked Rebecca of getting fresh with her. When the previews suggest that Marlene can get frisky all by herself.

Marlene breaks down and confides into also straight-to-gay pal Christian about all those messy Rebecca feelings she's been having. Meanwhile her boyfriend begins to suspect she might be having an affair with Christian.

In June:

Another dress fitting goes awkward.

But when tragedy strikes at the fashion company Marlene and Rebecca decide to make up.

Just when Marlene wants to declare them platonic BFFs forever Rebecca writes a letter where she declares her feelings for Marlene.

Marlene demands Rebecca keep her distance from now on.

... but then quickly renegs, kisses Rebecca and nookie, presumably, happens.

Blissfully post coital Marlene tries to make sense of her feelings for Rebecca while talking to gay Christian.

Sufficiently convinced that Marlene is not actually boffing the gay dude, her boyfriend proposes to her. Marlene tells Rebecca that there's no future for them. Rebecca agrees to let Marlene go and keep their night a secret.

In July

Rebecca has a hard time keeping up a poker face in front of her brother. Eventually she can't take it anymore and confesses to one sided feelings for Marlene. At first he's pissed, but after encouragement from their joined sister decides to make up with Rebecca. Rebecca is very tempted to tell him the whole truth but in the end doesn't. Marlene is grateful that Rebecca kept their secret, but also begins to realize the burden she put on Rebecca and begins to wonder whether getting married is a good idea. (jeez, Marlene, just what gave you the idea?)

An ex-girlfriend of Rebecca's is in town. A jealous Marlene tries to provoke Rebecca by posing suggestively with the model.

Marlene's parents begin to suspect that there's just a tinsy little thing off about Marlene's feelings for Rebecca.

English Marbecca Subforum at CH Forum (<= go there if you want to offer help subtitling or subtitle proofreading)
Or get all updated on the DieRotis Facebook page
Complete Marlene and Rebecca playlist (not everything subtitled, includes all side stories, 8 hours long!)
Playslist only after Rebecca falls for Marlene (all subtitled, no sidestories)
Or you can watch the entire episodes, non geo-blocked on the show's official website as soon as they air in Germany.

Watch if you:
- like lots of pretty regular screentime
- the actresses appeal to you
- wanna learn some German
- dig the Forbidden Love storyline style

Pass if you:
- hate reading subtitles
- actresses don't appeal to you
- hate the Forbidden Love storyline style


nookie, presumably, happens.

Please, VL, show the nookie!

I would, however, settle for nookie between Rebecca & her hot ex-girlfriend.

Thank you for the update!
Based on past experience they usually at least show something. Though I'm quite curious how they'll play it. Whether they'll go all out so they can shamelessly abuse it for flashbacks or have this one be more tame and keep a bigger one for when they are together as a couple.

I wouldn't mind seeing more of that hottie ex either. Flashbacks invited. However the last time Rebecca tried to distract herself with another hot chick she weaseled out before anything happened. Not so sure whether she'll be more inclined this time. At least she seems to be having a bit more fun with this one :) And who can blame her :)
thanks for the suggestion i love it so far and i am hooked. I wish I spoke german
Glad you like it :)


there is a chance that in the end Marlene and Rebecca will be together right?Please answer!

Re: Sooo

Well, one never knows but the show is called Forbidden Love and right now they are plenty forbidden :)


there is a chance that in the end Marlene and Rebecca will be together right?Please answer!
Glad you liked it :)
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