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Devil Buddy

2demented_muses in passion_perfect

The Devil Wears Prada: fanfic: The Trouble with Coffee

Fandom: The Devil Wears Prada
Pairing: Miranda/Andy, slash
Word count: 125,000(epic)
By: 2demented muses (yes there are two of us)

Part  1 of 2. 

AN:  Please do not archive or publish this story anywhere else on the web without our consent.  The story spawned out of a 'what if' scenario, after the movie ended.  We did take liberties with movie canon.  Movie facts are mixed with book facts as we saw fit.  Comments and discussion are welcomed

The Trouble with Coffee (cut to our journal)


Uhm, isn't it a bit silly to include that homosexuality disclaimer on this community? :P
Silly? Nah. Redundant oversight? Yeah.

Thanks. I thought I had removed that part.

Edited at 2008-02-28 15:17 (UTC)


Enjoying it so far, but darlings -- the word you were looking for is "bollocks" (meaning testicles), NOT "bullocks" (meaning juvenile bulls). OTOH, you nearly made me spit mango-pepper vodka onto the keyboard. Perhaps that was the effect you were looking for?

Re: Calves!

Glad you are enjoying. That was a typo on our part.
As a disclaimer from the outset, I read quite a few pieces of good fan fiction per week.

This first half of your story was as close to perfection as I've encountered in anything I've read recently.

It made me smile devilishly, it moved me quite far, and it held me in its hypnotic thrall. It's one of the finest pieces of fan fiction I've ever read; incredibly divined, and superbly executed. Major kudos to the both of you.

Would it be too soon to ask when Part 2 shall arrive?

Wow, that is very high praise. Thank you for commenting.

The plan is to post the second and final part on Sunday.
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