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Bake Sale, a Bitch Slap ficlet.

Title: Bake Sale
Fandom: Bitch Slap
Characters: Hel, Trixie
Disclaimer: They are not mine.. No infringement intended.
Archive: With permission of the author.
Author's note -  1. I realize that people might say that this is OOC, but my plot bunny demanded this be set now, nearly +4 years after the movie came out, and so I think that the characters changed. Or at least Hel did...
This was meant to represent a little of that... Even if it's basically just a scene.
2. I don't usually post things that weren't beta'd. But.. I was restless, I suppose... It's been to long since I last wrote and *insert excuses*... *hangs head* I promise not to make a habit of this though.
3. I have not posted to Lj in ages. So please be patient with me if I get the posting wrong.. I will fix it!

She looked out of her front window and couldn't help but smile. The last time she was at a school bake-sale she had been one of the students, and... She shook her head as if to stop herself from calculating the elapsed time.

Her Brain supplied it anyway.

Sighing and once again shaking her head, she removed the keys from the ignition and got out of the car, locking it behind her as she followed the signs to the event. She knew that she needed to keep herself in check, not let her affection show too much since Jade wanted to keep her privet life separate from her work life, which for her also meant that her students don't need to know about her "romantic affiliation". She half rolled her eyes at the thought. It's not as though she was going to take Jade in her arms, throw her on a table and fuck her. She didn't do those things. Anymore. In public, anyway...
But she would respect her girlfriend's wishes and not out her to her students.

Turning a corner she saw the auditorium with its open doors and quickened her stride. She wasn't late, since she didn't say when she would arrive, but seeing the hall and knowing who was inside, caused raised a longing inside her chest, and the hastened strides where the best way of getting rid of it sooner rather than later.

When she reached the open double doors she stood for a moment, taking in the large space and trying to locate her girlfriend, before stepping inside and heading her way, a warm broad smile now on her lips.

Jade was talking with a girl who might have been a student and her mother. The older woman was wearing a tight fitting dress and had her arm loosely around her daughter's shoulders, while the girl practically relaxed into her mother. She smiled at this, not having seen a sight like it in a long while. When she returned her eyes to Jade she could see that the woman had spotted her and smiled in greeting. The other woman returned the smile, causing her two companions to turn.

She almost fell.

"Hi Jade." She said leaning in for a kiss on the cheek before pulling back and placing her thumbs in her pockets in what she hoped was a casual enough pose.

It was a long time since she did anything like this. She wasn't use to this kind of lying anymore.

"Helen," Jade practically beamed at her, missing her discomfort completely. "You got here fast! I was sure it would take you at least another hour." She shrugged, a small smirk appearing on her lips.

"Things were quiet today." Jade turned to gesture at her companions.

"These are Emily and her mother..." she faltered

"Lily." The other woman finished, extending her hand. Emily's eyes grew large.

"Nice to meet you." She could tell that her smile came out forced. But they shook hands anyway. She turned to Emily. It was almost nice, seeing her again. "Do you go here?" She asked, gesturing lightly around them with one hand before returning it to its previous position.

"I just started last month." She nodded. The fake smile not moving from her lips, the pain in her chest not letting up. It was odd to see how much the girl had grown in nearly 5 years. It was odder still that she still cared so much. She thought she had managed to put it all behind her better.

She raised her eyes and met Trix.. Lily's look, and turned away, back to Jade. She needed to get away. "Would you like me to bring you anything? Something from here or something to drink? Or maybe you guys need an extra set of hands? Since I'm early and all..." She was better at all of this once. She could look at the woman she loved as she seduced another, but right now she could not be this close. The memories of that day were bombarding her. It was too hard.

"...try talking with Ms. Jenkins over by the cream covered muffins." Lily smirked for a fraction of a second, but she saw it. Nodding, she turned.

"Helen," Emily called her back before she could finish a step, "are you alright?" The girl was far too perceptive.

Turning back, she smiled. "I am. I just had a long day." And with that she was off again. The smile fell from her face, as she struggled to take in a deep breath. Struggled not to let the memories come again. And struggled not to let anything of her inner turmoil show.

After all - Hel, the elite spy was dead. She was only Helen now. Just a regular person. Walking away from the person who had shattered her more than anyone else had ever managed.

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