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Challenge: Femslash Bingo

With the new year fast approaching and the holiday season soon to be underway I thought it time to roll out the 'Farewell to 2013' challenge and this time around the end of the year challenge is in the form of a femslash bingo. The rules are simply: write a story, edit a video or create a graphic in response to one of the prompts given on the bingo card and mark off that square. Your goal is to get a line (vertical or horizontal), four corners or a full house. You can only mark off one square at a time, no matter if your story/video/graphic covers more than one prompt, so choose carefully.

All completed prompts - no previously posted stories - should be submitted to P&P in the usual manner with the subject line of: Bingo Submission and the name of the prompt in the e-mail. Challenge responses can also be posted to both the livejournal and DreamWidth journals as well as wherever else you like to post your work.

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