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Challenge: Finish What You Started!

As part of the International Day of Femslash celebrations we are hereby challenging you to 'finish what you started' and dust off those stories you've left hanging and finally give your characters the happy ever after or angst-ridden ending you've decided they deserve. No word limits, no themes, just a train ride straight to 'The End' for whichever story has been haunting your dreams clamouring for attention.

It could be that multi-chapter epic you started posting to a group of community days or months or even years ago but somehow never quite managed to see through to the end. Or that file on your hard-drive that contains the story you keep adding to and editing but never really come close to finishing. Or how about that one idea that's been plaguing you for years - or the last big bang - and for which you have umpteen plans but have never actually put pen to paper or digits to keyboard.

Whichever of those it may be, this is your chance to see them through to their conclusion, and celebrate with your femslash family into the bargain.

Finished stories should be submitted by the 12th July, for inclusion in the P&P IDF update, or alternatively posted to the passion_perfect livejournal on the day itself: 19th July, 2014. The choice is entirely yours.
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