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Looking for new stories

hi! I'm looking for new stories to read.
Can't seem to find any good ones.
Love readin stories from Rizzoli & Isles, Glee, Twilight, OUAT, castle (Alexis & Castle), The Devil Wears Prada, NCIS, Agents of shield, csi, Popular, criminal minds, Harry Potter and women's murder club.
Wondering if there's other tv shows that has a heavy femslash subtext, like R&I, Glee etc. other than the obvious like Otphan Black, Grey's anatomy and the like. I like reading stories were people are just figuring out that the like a person. Not stories where couples are already together.
Love AU stories like two really good R&I stories I read about Jane being the nanny for Maura's kids or being the assistant to architect Maura. Also love reading teacher/student stories (when the student is over 18). Also other "forbidden" stories, like the nanny one.
I'm very picky about what I read. But I hope that I can get suggestions on new ones. Feels like all I do is read stories I've already read. so please please, if you know of any good stories in any fandom that is over 60k words and you think I might like, please link me to them.

Pretty please :)
Tags: castle, criminal minds, csi, devil wears prada, fan fic, fic, harry potter, popular, rizzoli & isles, twilight, warehouse 13

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