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Alicia Adams in passion_perfect

Trying to find several stories

Hi this is my first post ever on lj so i hope this works. I've been looking for a couple of stories for a few years now and im hopeing you guys can help me out on and then there a few i just recently tried to locate again. Im pretty sure they all are slash or headed that way.

1. Glee quinn rachel story with a strong friendship between faberry and Britana. Rachel is a cuter who trys to kill herself but quinn shows up saving her. No it not how they started listening. The big difference is Quinn call Santana to come fix Rachel arms and Rachel hadn't taken any pills or get drunk.The girls refuse to leave Rachel but don't tell anyone why or what happened. Rachel quits glee and i think stops sing for a while. Sanatana and Quinn perform a duet for Rachel and Britt giveing them candy and a toy stuffie. Fin throws a fit when he realizes that quinn asked Rachel out. Shue tries to punish the other for fin actions.Shelby comes back wanting an honest relationship with Rachel. They form a new glee club where Shelby treats all members as equals. There a scene where they perform something like a refft off (like pitch perfect. Will tries to take over her club.

2 Rachel and puck form a best friend sibling bond where they call everything with jew infront of it like jewmily. Its a series has quinn/rachel san/britt kurt sam puck mercades. The last thing i read they where in ny living and blaine was rachel brother by shelby.

3. This one has britt and san as a couple but they are not the focus. Shelby ends up with coustdy of both Rachel and quinn because the berry and fabery are abusive. I think the title is one word.

4. Buffy. Ok i don't remember much i know its a series its eitheir a b/w/t or a b/w/t/f couple the only scene i can remember is buffy gets pulled over by the same cop a couple of time and one of the girls is pregangt. But one time buffy shouldn't have been drive because she had lost her memory and was gaining it back slowly.

5. Charmed x buffy. Not sure on the pairing willow focused. Kenndy cheated and got pregant but was planing on aborting the child so Willow magicly stole it putting the baby in her and runaway from kenndy ending up with the sisters. I think the baby was a boy and Willow liked Dawn weird cooking.

6. Voyager b/7 get sent to a prison world that time runs faster by so what voyager time is a week for them its years. They become mates on the planet also forming a tight bond with another couple. When they are released voyager crew is shocked at them beining mates. Seven pragent with belana child. Voyager runs into their prison friends and let them join the crew.

7. Thershold (tonight im bad at spell so ive probly spelled the title wrong) by elizabeth carter it's part of her A mile series. Just wondering if she every posted it

8. I belive its a series but voyager runs into a race that seems friendly and willing to help them but they dislike hybrids so the crew pulls away from b'lanna and naomi then seven. The three end up running away when thing get to bad and voager crew tries to make up without actually accepting responabitly and expecting thing to go back to normal. I think sam actully give b/7 costudy of naomi.

9. Er abby/kerry its a long story the only thing i remember is Abby helping by taking a rope down a whole to rescue someone and she and kerry where fighting but possible merried

1o. Kerry/kim are together and have a daughter who deaf possible another older child. Soccer was a big deal for one of them. Kim parents or family acted like raceist when kerry friend from africa held their daughter and sings to her.

I thank you all for at least reading this.


6. That is Lisa Countryman's 'She who hesitates is lost'.
See here: http://ralst.com/SheWhoHesitates1.HTM

8. That is 'Defending B'Elanna' by Karjens40, see http://ralst.com/DefendingBElanna.HTM

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Thank you so much
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