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Alicia Adams in passion_perfect

Voyager fics

Hi guys i'm looking for a couple of fics with the borg infant and the only scenes i remember may be from the same fics but im going to seprate them as if they weren't cause its been years since i read voyager fic unitl recently.

1. B'Elanna builds a crib for the baby to regenrate in and seeing seven with the kids triggers something with in her

2 seven has to fight a member of the infants speices to the death in order to keep her as the race will kill her for being borg and not pure or imperefect.

3 B'Elanna helps seven with the kids. I think she offers to watch them so seven can rest.

4 its a long shot seven and Torres are mated when seven emoitons effect her and the kids are exprincing the same issue and they regenrate often because of it. I think voyager is close to a space event happening. I think janeway is dateing someone and a mother to both seven and torres.

Ill take recammendtion of stories to. I admit that for voyager and sg-1 fanfiction i only went to p&p and fanfic.net mainly p&p so i know im missing great stories. I like t/7 but im open to others thanks for any help.


I think one of the stories you are looking for is Queen of Hearts by Dinovia. It's posted on the p&p site.
I would recommend Gina Dartt's Just Between stories. There are 50 of them. seven/janeway

No 2 might be Seven Wonders by Lisa Countryman but it’s unfinished and I can’t seem to find a link to it anymore. I have a copy if you want to PM me, I’ll send it to you.

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Oh Yeah, another great story.
I sent you a pm i would love to get a copy of seven wonders
Definitely check out the House Presba series by Katrina and Llachlan

Janeway gives Seven the opportunity to keep all the Borg kids if she's willing to be their mother.


This series is one of my favs and there is actually another story to the author personal page libray something no maybe cargobay dang it ill find the link if you want its got some cool xtras to.

Oh if you like buffy there a crossover that simalir to the series

T/7 stories

I believe #1,2,3 are from DiNovia's excellent fic: Queen of Hearts at P&P http://www.ralst.com/QueenHearts1.HTM

I hope you find #4. It sounds interesting!

T/7 Rec's

A trio recommendations T/7:
Lisa Countryman's She Who Hesitates is Lost at P&P
Cirroco DeSade's Of Christmas Alone at P&P
Ralst: The Eve of a New Life. Another Christmas fic at P&P

Its been a while since I read Voyager fics, but these I often re-read.

RE: Other Voyager Rec's

I should've combined my rec's oh, well. There is a ton of J/7 out there, including Gina Darrt's epic Just Between series.

But for something different here are a couple of original characters and a crossover...

Fewthistle's Sleeping Beauty. Janeway/OC: No longer available but can be found on the Wayback Machine. http://fewthistle.com/Voyager/voy_sleepingbeauty.htm (2008)

Fletcher Delancey's Past Imperfect series Janeway/OC http://fletcherdelancey.com/fanfic/

Quiethearted's Deflection - crossover with The Devil Wears Prada. Yup. You read that right. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6488322/1/Deflection

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