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Alicia Adams in passion_perfect

Grey's stories

Hi i've been trying to find these calzon stories.

1. Arizona is raiseing her brother two children after his death and his wifes. the daughter older then boy who 3-6 years old. I remember callie panic because while shoping the boy hides from her but Arizona calms her down. The maternal grandparents sue for costudy of them because Arizona was gay they lose. That all i remember.

2. Starts out Arizona and Callie in highschool and dateing callie plays softball. Something happens and the girls are seperated. Callie ends up at seatle grace after Arizona been there i think. The slow rebuild their relationship and when the staff plays baseball Arizona convince Callie to play maybe pitch.

3. I swear the title is something like Two's Company Three's a Crowd.basicly Arizona is struggleing with her place in Sofia life and her relationship with Callie because Mark keeps interfering in their family. He always there to be with Sofia nearly 24/7. Callie blind to it but everyone else see it and tries to help. There one scene where Arizona finally gets a chance to hold and spend time with Sofia in the lobby of sgh Miranda or chirstina provent Mark from taking Sofia from Arizona and confront Callie about whats going on.

I read these all on ffnet.and once again i open to suggestion for any really good Arizona or Calzon fics and addmer or merder (i know its not f/f pairing but im a mix shipper F/f f/m m/m) fics.



Hello, for the second one i think it could be « Hanging by the moment » by CCB1919

RE: Fanfic

Oups... i was thinking of « Learning to love again » by HereWeGoNow

Fic for #3

Fic Me Now

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